10 Tips To Reduce Breast Tenderness After Childbirth

Breast Tenderness After Childbirth

There are a lot of changes which happen to the women’s body during and post pregnancy. One of these changes is breast softness and tenderness. Breasts are one of the most significant parts of the body which gets affected by pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes, due to the changes after breastfeeding, due to lumps or any such condition, due to lactation and such several reasons, breast tenderness can increase which can also make it difficult for women to handle it. Sore and tender breasts can create quite a hectic situation for the mother. If you are too suffering from tender breasts after pregnancy, here are some home remedies which you can try to heal this issue.

These Home Remedies May Help You Get Rid Of The Pain And Soreness And Would Soon Get You Recovered!

1. Support Bra

Breast can feel quite heavy and bulky after pregnancy; this can be the result of lactation and breast feeding and also hormonal changes. If you too are suffering from tenderness and soreness in the breasts and want to get rid of this, try wearing a supportive bra with easy straps and cool fit which can balance your breast weight. This is one of the amazing emery which would work well on your breast pain.

Support Bra

2. Warm Compresses

War, compresses are the ultimate helping method which can make your breast feel quite relieved and relaxed. If you are facing the issue of extreme soreness and pain in your breasts, you must go for warm compresses. This remedy would make your breast feel relaxed and this would surely help in relieving pain. Apply some hot bags on you breast and get quick results!

Warm Compresses

3. Primrose Oil

Primrose oil is a promising ingredient which would simply work amazingly on your breasts. Primrose oil is healing oil which would reduce pain, soreness, swelling and itchiness from your breasts. Apply some primrose oil over your breast while massaging and get amazing results soon!

Primrose Oil

4. Hot Water Bath

Hot water baths or sitz baths are quite famous among pregnant women nowadays. Filled with all the essential oils and amazing nourishment and healing of hot water, this cool bath would help you in recovering soon. Go for a hot water or sitz bath if you are suffering from tender and sore breasts!

Hot Water Bath

5. Ice Packs

Ice and warm water are two of the most amazing remedies which can work hand in hand! Ice is highly recommended for bruises, cuts, swelling and soreness. Ice bags would simply work wonders on your painful breast and get you some great relaxation. Move some ice bags on your breasts and you would soon get rid of the pain!

Ice Packs

6. Vitamin E Oil

Rich with omega 3 fatty acids, this cool oil has the tendency to fight all kinds of pain after pregnancy. This cool oil is filled with haling and treating properties which would work amazingly over your breasts. Get some vitamin e oil extracted from the capsules and apply this oil over your breast while massaging and get adorable results!

Vitamin E Oil

7. Essential Oil Massages

One of the benefits of the essential oil massages is that it helps in enhancing and boosting the blood flow. Essential oil massages would simply improve the blood circulation and would regulate the blood flow in your breast which would significantly act as a pain reliever. Try this amazing remedy and get quick results over your irresistible pain!

Essential Oil Massages

8. Fennel Seeds Tea

Fennel seeds are one of the most relieving and cool ingredients which can be consumed for breast pain issues. For sore breast, cramps and such issue post pregnancy, women are suggested to eat the fennel seeds or drink the fennel tea which can work miracles on the pain. Go for this amazing and delicious remedy soon!

Fennel Seeds Tea

9. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are cool ingredients which would never fail to get you amazing benefits over breast pan and soreness. The healing properties of this cool ingredient would simply make you feel light and relieved from the pain. Get some flaxseeds and consume it regularly for healing the tender and sore breasts. This would help you in getting a quick recovery and healthy breastfeeding!


10. Eat Iodine Rich Food

The vitamins and ingredients in iodine rich foods would simply heal the pain caused by sore and tender breasts. Post pregnancy, you must include the foods rich with iodine and other such vitamin and minerals which would help you retain your health and relive the pain and tenderness in your breasts. This amazing remedy would also keep you healthy and relive the painful breasts.

Eat Iodine Rich Food