10 Tips To Take Care Of Renal Disorders During Pregnancy

Tips To Take Care Of Renal Disorders During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful period for a woman. But along with it, as most of us are aware that there may arise problems in many ways, that have to be encountered in the interest of a healthy baby and the mother itself. Renal disorder is one of the issues that can crop up during pregnancy and if this isn’t checked at the right time, it could affect the outcome of pregnancy. Renal disorder pertains to the kidney where it is either diseased or is failing to perform the requisite functions which could put both the mother and the child at risk. The flow of Renal plasma increases by 50-70% (especially during the first 2 trimesters) resulting in decreased levels of urea and creatinine. Nevertheless, a doctor specializing and the lady laboring can counter this problem by talking to each other and taking various steps as and when they are required.

Most Common Signs And Symptoms Of Stdssome Of The Ways In Which This Issue Can Be Solved Are Mentioned Below As The Following:

1. Low Sugar Intake

This disorder usually occurs in patients that are suffering from diabetes. Therefore, the sugar intake should be carefully handled and only the amount prescribed by the doctor and when to consume the same should be strictly abided by. Usually in the diet chart stated by the doctor is good enough while keeping in mind the issues with respect to sugar.

Low Sugar Intake

2. Maintain A Healthy Weight

Again with the diet plan given by the doctor, it will also take care of the nutrients required by the mother and the child. Pregnancy is possible during this disorder and nevertheless, a healthy diet should be taken to see that both the mother and the child are safe so that even if there is a premature delivery, both the child and the mother are healthy in such times of crises.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

3. Reducing Blood Pressure Levels

Foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and potassium rich foods are best to reduce blood pressure to support another life in the coming stages. Having history of high blood pressure is another factor that can affect the woman and thus close examination by the doctor during pregnancy on such an issue is always advisable.

Reducing Blood Pressure Levels

4. Exercise

Exercising during pregnancy may not seem to be possible but a short span during day can provide you with numerous benefits such as maintaining a healthy weight, reduce inflammation and even reduce stress and most importantly, exercising leads to a healthy pregnancy.


5. Prevent Dehydration And Fatigue

Drinking enough glasses of water i.e. about 8-10 glasses of water daily can help you maintain an optimum level of sodium. Resting is the best defense against fatigue. Therefore, try to keep only a short span of exercise as the fatigue period throughout the day and rest on the other hours.

Prevent Dehydration And Fatigue

6. Avoid Stress

Taking stress can lead to secretion of a hormone called cortisol which is one of the major reasons for managing fat storage and energy in a human body. Avoid stress during pregnancy as already the disorder is making your belly distention quite visible and more fat around the waist isn’t good at any point of time.

Avoid Stress

7. Avoid Sodas And Coffee

The kidney is the affected part in the body here and during the times of pregnancy the urge to consume coffee or sodas is high. Despite the desperation for the two, this will cause issues such indigestion and that is something which is again unwanted in such circumstance. Soda may also lead to creation of gas inside the stomach which could again affect the urine levels negatively.

Avoid Sodas And Coffee

8. Medicines

Medication should only be administered with the consent of the doctor and not otherwise. Medicines can cure Renal disorder but only the ones which are mild in nature. Remember to only consume the medicines prescribed or else there could arise other issues which are unwanted.


9. Keep Up With Doctor Visits

Needless to say that doctor visits should be on the top of the list for you once you discover pregnancy. Frequent doctor visits will allow him/her to locate any further complications that may have arisen or are likely to arise. The close monitoring of the woman will also provide her with the comfort of keeping healthy and normal which could have a positive impact on her mental health.

Keep Up With Doctor Visits

10. Mental Support

Pregnancy can anyways be complicated and tiresome. Thus, keep talking to your partner during the same and if any complication arises thereto, it should be informed immediately. After all, he is the person who can come to your aid in these situations.

Mental Support