10 Top Risk Factors For Lung Cancer What You Don’t Know Might Kill You

lung cancer

Lung cancer is the most dangerous disease in the world. There are different types of cancers. Lung cancer has some common risk factors such as smoking and DNA. The risk factor like DNA cannot be changed. But other than that there are some other risk factors. If you are aware of it, you can prevent yourself from lung cancer. Here we are going to briefly discuss about 10 risk factors for lung cancer. If you are not aware of these risk factors this might kill you.

Risk Factors For Lung Cancer What You Don’t Know Might Kill You


Radon is nothing but a radioactive gas. This gas occurring naturally from the breakdown of uranium from soil content and rocks. Those Radon cannot be smelled or tasted or even seen. According to some researchers Radon is the leading cause for the lung cancer. When you inhale this Radon gas, it directly damages your lungs and creates the risk for lung cancer. Most of the non smoking people around the world, even kids are affected by lung cancer only because of this Radon gas. To prevent from breathing this dangerous gas, you should use Radon detection kit in your home.


Smoking Tobacco

Smoking tobacco is the first and a major cause of the Lung cancer. According to a recent survey, 80% of people who got affected by lung cancer are Smokers. Low tar cigarettes and light cigarettes are the major cause for lung cancer. Second hand smokers are also getting affected by lung cancers by 30%. Each year 7000 people are dying due to second hand smoking.



The people who are in diet are sometimes affected by lung cancer. This is mostly due to insufficient intake of proper food. Also, arsenic in drinking water that is water from private wells also having risks of getting lung cancer. So if you are planning to diet, you should not skip the breakfasts. You should take proper healthy vegetables.



Workplaces and buildings which are having asbestos as rooftops are also one of the causes of the risk for lung cancer. Mesothelioma, a type of lung cancer is caused due to these asbestos. Both smokers and non smoker are affected by this. In recent times, most of the country governments have reduced the use of asbestos in many industries.


Air Pollution

Air pollution also has risks of lung cancer. Air gets polluted mainly from the industries, vehicles.By breathing these bad air your lung gets affected first. The affected lungs causes severe damages and leads to lung cancer. You should take proper precaution before going out. You should wear masks to filter the bad air.


Previous Lung disease

If you had any lung diseases previously this may have chances of getting lung cancer in the future. You should always take care of your lungs if you already had any lung disorders. This kind of lung cancer caused from previous lung disease is called adenocarcinoma of the lung. People who had Tuberculosis in their past had a heavy risk of lung cancer.



If any of your first degree relative have lung cancer at present or in the past , your risk of lung cancer increased by 50%. The risk even gets higher when your blood relation such as a brother or sister has cancer. This kind of risk cannot be stopped.


Lowered Immunity

People who have lower immunity have many chances of risk of lung cancer than those have higher immunity. People who take drugs leads to lower their immunity. And also people who are involved in organ transplant also having the risk of lung cancer.


Marijuana Smoking

Marijuana contains tar and some cancer causing substances as same as in tobacco. People who smoke marijuana in cigarettes till the end where the tar content is high having heavy chances of affected by lung cancer. Light smokers are also affected by lung cancer. This is the main reason why Marijuana is illegal in many countries.


Talcum Powder

Talc contains more harmful mineral substances. People who are using talcum powder giving the risk of lung cancer. Breathing this substance directly attacks your lungs and leads to lung disorders and causes lung cancer. You should check before buying, whether the talcum powder is asbestos free or not. You should always give preferences to the asbestos free talcum powder.
So far the biggest cause of lung cancer is smoking. 80% of lung cancer affected people are dying because of smoking. You should aware of these 10 major risks of lung cancer. You should take necessary precautions.