10 Simple Ways To Deal With Breast Pain

Ways To Deal With Breast Pain

Every woman, at some point or other in her life is likely to experience breast pain. It can vary in degree, intensity, timing or other detail. But it is something that most women cannot avoid altogether.
Most times, the pain in breasts is because of hormonal changes within the body, and is related to menstrual periods, pregnancy, menopause or other situations involving hormonal changes. However, there can be pain due to non-hormonal reasons as well, like in case of infections.

Whatever the cause of the pain, you need to find relief from the symptom, preferably with minimal medications. The good thing is that there are several remedies that offer relief from breast pain.

Let Us Now Examine A Few Of The Most Simple And Effective Of These:

Cold Compress—

This offers relief from breast pain by reducing the swelling and inflammation. Moreover, it numbs the area because of the cold, giving instant relief from pain. Care should be taken, however, to see that ice is not directly applied to the delicate breast tissue. It should be wrapped in a towel or cloth before applying.

Cold Compress

Hot Fomentation—

This can relieve discomfort from soreness of the breasts. Heat can be applied in the form of hot pads or hot water bottles.

Hot Fomentation

Massaging The Breasts—

This can be done gently either with plain hands or sometimes with some oils like evening primrose oil or castor oil to afford relief from breast pain.

Massaging The Breasts

Reducing Salt Intake—

This helps to reduce oedema and swelling due to water retention which usually occurs before the onset of menstrual periods. Restricting salt can help to diminish such oedema.

Reducing Salt Intake

Reducing Caffeine Intake—

Reducing the amount of coffee, tea, cola drinks, chocolates and other foods rich in caffeine, has been seen to have some beneficial effect on breast pain.

Reducing Caffeine Intake

Topical Analgesic—

Rubbing an analgesic gel can help reduce breast pain temporarily by counter irritation. Some patented gels also contain pain relieving medicines like Diclofenac and others, which act locally on the affected area and reduce pain.

Topical Analgesic

Evening Primrose Oil—

This has been found to be very effective in some women suffering from breast pain. The pain is sometimes attributed to faulty fat metabolism. Evening primrose oil contains GLA or Gamma lenoic acid. This fatty acid helps to rectify the defective metabolism and provides relief from the pain.

Evening Primose Oil

Nutritional Supplements—

Vitamin E is believed to have some beneficial effect on breast pain. Iodine in diet is also helpful in reducing the pain.

Nutritional Supplements

Low Fat Diet—

Reducing fried food and other fat rich food helps in reducing breast pain. It is recommended that these should be replaced with complex carbohydrates. This will help the body adjust better to hormonal changes and diminish breast pain.

Low Fat Diet


Sometimes you may need to resort to medications when the pain is too severe or when it is not responding to any of the simpler methods of pain relief. These can be of 2 varieties:


*The OTC medicines like paracetamol tablets which are mild pain-killers.

*Prescription medicines like Danazol or Bromocryptine—these can have serious side-effects and should be used only under medical supervision.

Sometimes certain medications can contain hormones and cause breast pain. So, if you are under any kind of medication, you may need to discuss with your doctor to find out if that could be causing your symptoms. But always consult your doctor before deciding to stop any medications.

The simple methods mentioned above will give relief in most cases of breast pain. But if the pain is limited to one particular area and refusing to go away even after a considerable period of time, you should perhaps check with your doctor to find out the reason, and see if you need to do something more.