10 Ways To Heal Cracked Heels During Pregnancy

Cracked Heels During Pregnancy

Cracked heels during pregnancy are very common and few of the major reasons are increasing weight, dryness and also the changing body posture. One of the best ways by which you can get rid of the dryness is by applying lot of moisturizer. While you are pregnant, you will be stressed with plenty of things and hence, moisturizing continuously would be a difficult task to achieve. You can take few precautions to ensure that your feet are safe and you don’t need to worry about cracked heels.

Few Of The Simple Things That Can Help You To Keep Cracked Heels At Bay, During Pregnancy, Are As Follows:

1. Foot Spa

Foot spa is one of the best ways by which you can ensure that your foot is pampered. It is recommended that you go for a foot spa, at least once in 15 days so that you can get rid of dry feet, cracked heels and also pain in the legs. If you are not able to find time to call up the beautician then you can request your partner to help you.

Foot Spa

2. Foot Bath

This is one of the best ways by which you can remove the hard skin from your heels. Get a mild foot wash, mix it with warm water and soak your foot in it for 15 minutes. You can try this everyday as this is not as time consuming as a foot spa. After this, scrub to remove the dead skin. This will help the moisturizer to penetrate better in your skin and you will be able to witness the difference in a week’s time.

Foot Bath

3. Moisturizing

You will not be able to moisturize your feet throughout the day, but ensure that you don’t go to bed without applying moisturizer to your legs. Apply plenty of moisturizer and wear moisture lock socks so that the moisture can be on your feet for next 8-10 hours. Look for moisturizer that has oil content in it so that your feet can be nourished and you will be able to see maximum results in 15-20 days’ time.


4. Anti-Bacterial Soaps

We all love to use soaps that have deodorant in it as it makes us feel pleasant, but during pregnancy, you will have to say goodbye to them. Meet a doctor and request the doctor to recommend a good anti-bacterial soap so you can use the same to treat all the feet related problems. Do remember that perfume based soaps makes your skin dry and hence, this adds on to the problem.

Anti-Bacterial Soaps

5. Oil Bath

While you are pregnant, ensure that you don’t bath for more than 15 minutes, so that you can safeguard yourself from cold and cough. Add olive oil or jojoba oil to a bucket full of water and take bath with it. This will help you to keep dryness at bay. Ensure that you don’t add oils in your bath tub as it will make the surface slippery.

Oil Bath

6. Apply Sunscreens

Ensure that you apply sunscreens whenever you leave your house. Most of us are not aware of the fact that sun can also dry out our skin so this act would save your feet. Look for sunscreen with higher SPF so that your skin can be safeguarded from the harsh summer.

Apply Sunscreens

7. Wear Slippers

If you have the habit of walking barefoot at home then it’s time to change it now. It is very important that you wear cushioned footwear so that your feet aren’t pressurized and the same time, it will also safeguard your legs from dust which may cause your heels to crack further.

Wear Slippers

8. Don’t Stand

Standing on your feet for longer hours can also lead to cracked heels. Ensure that you don’t stand for longer duration. If you have to complete a task by standing on your feet for longer hours, then ensure that you sit at regular intervals so that you can reduce the pressure on the feet.

Don’t Stand

9. Vitamin E

Vitamin E can act as your savior as deficiency of Vitamin E leads to dryness of skin. Ensure that you include spinach, almonds, avocado, sweet potatoes and wheat germ in your diet. This will help your baby to get healthy and at the same time, you can get rid of dry skin and cracked heels.

Vitamin E

10. Visit Your Doctor

If you think that you have done your part to get rid of the cracked heels but you aren’t able to find any result then fix up an appointment with a doctor. There are possibilities that you are not able to get rid of the cracked heels because of some other medical reason.

Visit Your Doctor

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