10 Yoga Exercises For Slimming Your Face

10 Yoga Exercises For Slimming Your Face

Do you wish for a slim face like your favorite actress? It is possible through yoga exercises that give that perfect slim face without any makeup tricks or cosmetic products. All you have to do is practice these yoga face poses daily and you could have those desirable cheekbones that every woman wishes for.Regular facial yoga will not only make your face slimmer but it will also stop wrinkles and fine lines from appearing on the face, naturally. This is a very effective method and is also pocket friendly as you do not have to spend huge amounts on expensive make up products, anti wrinkle and anti ageing creams, lotions and face contouring make up techniques.

Mentioned Below Are 10 Yoga Exercises That Are Very Effective In Face Slimming:

Lips like ‘O’

Breathe in and then form an ‘O’ with your lips and start to blow out slowly. Close your mouth while breathing in remember to breath out slowly. Repeat this exercise at least ten times.

lips like o

Smiling Fish Face

Suck your cheeks in so that the cheeks are under your teeth and then smile stretching your whole face. Keep the pose for 10 seconds. Repeat five times in a day.

fish like smilig

Cheek Blowing

Purse your lips together tightly. Now fill your mouth with air. Shift the air to the left side and expand the left cheek, hold for ten seconds. Repeat the same with the right cheek. Repeat this cycle three times each for a side.

cheek blowing

Air Mouthwash

This exercise is just like mouthwashing with air. Fill your mouth with air and start transferring the air from left to right to left repeatedly like mouthwashing. Continue for 10 seconds atleast. Repeat if you like.


Look Up And Blow

Look up at the ceiling, now breath in and start blowing out air slowly through your mouth. This will stretch the face as well as neck muscles.

look up and below

Suck Air

Suck air in forcefully with your mouth open, this will result in the cheeks going in and will result in a slimmer face and tighter jaw. Make sure the air is clean wherever you are performing this yoga. Repeat five times.

air sucks

Facial Stretch

Place two fingers on your cheeks on each side and stretch your face to the cheekbones. simultaneously make an long oval shape with your mouth. Keep the pose for ten seconds and then relax the face. Repeat five times.

facial stretch

Face Scrunch

Sit down and relax. Breath in and scrunch your eyes, nose and lips vigorously. Keep for 10 seconds. Breath out and relax. Repeat three times. You can also scrunch your fist tight, this helps to ease the process of scrunching.

face scrunch

Stretch Forehead

Sit down and relax. Focus on a point on a wall in front. Now breath in and stretch your forehead, lifting your eyebrows up. Retain the pose for 10 seconds. Breath out and relax your face. Repeat ten times.

stretch forehead


Smile wide so that it stretches your cheeks and under eye muscles resulting in closing of the eyes. Hold the positiong for ten seconds and then relax. Repeat ten times.


Regularly repeat these exercises. These exercises are very simple and can be done whenever you are sitting ideal. It is not necessary to do them in one stretch, perform whenever you get time. Just make them regular and you will start noticing difference in your face. It will become well sculpted and also look younger.