11 Effective Home Remedies For Women Facing Hot Flashes


Home Remedies For Women Facing Hot Flashes

Hot flash is a common complication among women which appears as an early symptom of menopause and perimenopause aroused due to changing lifestyle and hormonal makeup changes. Unfortunately, many of its victims fails to balance their mind and body with onset of menopause which results in regular declination of their body figure and health too. However, it can be easily resolved by just following the natural remedies for the same.

For Women Suffering From Hot Flashes, The Following Home Remedies Can Definitely Help In Reducing Their Discomfort:

1. Use Black Cohosh:

Black Cohosh is a medicinal plant fond in European countries which is very helpful in giving relief from hot flashes and menopause by lowering the rate of excessive sweating occurrence in the body of females. Black cohosh is very much effective like pharmaceutical estrogen, if it is used regularly.

Black Cohosh

2. Apply Flaxseed Oil:

Flaxseed oil consists of essential fatty acids needed for reducing the menopausal symptoms. Massage with flaxseed oil works well in balancing the estrogen levels in women suffering from menopause.

Apply Flaxseed Oil

3. Massage With Evening Primrose Oil:

Evening primrose oil is also very effective for menopausal women that offers coolness to the skin and helps in producing excess of estrogen. It also promotes the prostaglandin production in the female’s body.

Evening Primrose Oil

4. Use Red Clover:

Red clover is also a natural herb which consists of phyto estrogen in excess that can lower both frequency as well as intensity of hot flashes comfortably.

Use Red Clover

5. Consume Chickweed Tincture:

It is also a natural herb which on daily consumption gives better result in lowering the intensity of hot flashes.

Consume Chickweed Tincture

6. Drink Sage:

Drinking small amount of organic sage tea can give you fast relief from the discomfort of hot flashes. It is also good for giving fast relief from complexions like headaches, infant diarrhea and digestion issues faced by many menopause women.

Drink Sage

7. Eat Vitamin C Rich Diet:

Consumption of Vitamin C rich diet like lemon, oranges, guava and other such fruits is very helpful in getting rid of flash relief. Presence of bioflavonoids in Vitamin C rich foods works well in reducing the frequency of hot flashes.

Eat Vitamin C Rich Diet


8. Eat Vitamin E Rich Diet:

Eating diet rich in Vitamin E is vry helpful in reducing the symptoms of hot flashes and giving fast relief from it. You can also eat Vitamin E supplements available in various offline and online stores for making your body healthy and disease free.

Eat Vitamin E Rich Diet

9. Use Natural Progesterone Cream:

Applying natural progesterone cream made from the natural herbs red clover, primrose oil and flaxseeds oil can lower the esterone level thereby giving you relief from menopause and hot flashes frequency. Such creams are very beneficial in balancing menopausal hormone levels in women body which in turn reduces intensity of hot flashes too great extent.

Use Natural Progesterone Cream

10. Stay Away From Synthetic Clothes:

IF you’re suffering from hot flashes then it is recommended for you to keep yourself away from synthetic clothing and bedding because it provides extra heat to the menopausal body especially during sleeping time. You must also avoid wearing of clothes that have tightly fitting or having turtle- necks and made from synthetic fibers because such wearing also provokes intensity of hot flashes and causes unbearable discomfort to its victim.

Stay Away From Synthetic Clothes

11. Always Stay Cool:

Women suffering from hot flashes are always advised to keep their body away from sunlight as hot climate damages menopause body. They should also reduce use of hot showers and hot tubs during bathing to avoid irritation caused due to hot flashes.

Always Stay Cool