11 Home Remedies For Sebaceous Cyst

Sebaceous cyst is basically a bump under the skin. This problem is developed due to the blocking of the sebaceous gland by the over secretion of the protein keratin. Not only this, swelling in the hair follicles also responsible for the occurrence of sebaceous cysts. The problem is more common among women as compared to men. Other responsible factors are over exposure to sun, skin waxing, pimple, acne etc.

If you are affected by the problem then you will feel the symptoms like redness of the skin, soreness in skin, pain, inflammation, swelling, discharge of foul smell liquid from the cyst etc. The problem can affect any body part and it becomes very important to get it treated. It is advisable to use the following home remedies to treat the problem effectively.

Here Are Some Effective Home Remedies For Sebaceous Cyst:

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has the beneficial anti inflammatory properties and these properties are very useful in treating problems like acne and pimples and thus reduce the risk factor for the occurrence of sebaceous cyst. Apply tea tree oil directly on the cyst to get relief.

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel possesses healing and pain relieving properties that provide great relief from the irritating cysts on the skin. The cooling nature of aloe vera is very useful in preventing the problem. Therefore it is advised to apply fresh gel on the cysts directly to get the benefits.

Aloe Vera Gel

3. Castor Oil

Castor oil is very useful in reducing the size of the cysts. Not only this, it also has the anti inflammatory properties in it that prevents the symptoms like itching, inflammation and swelling. Apply castor oil the cysts directly to get the benefits. Also repeat the remedy regularly to prevent reoccurrence.

Castor Oil

4. Tea Bags

The rich properties of tea bags are very useful in getting rid from the symptoms of sebaceous cysts. Tea bags contain anti inflammatory properties and are very effective in treating the irritation and the pain caused due to the problem. You have to first soak a tea bag in water and then apply it on the cyst. Press it over the cysts for 5 to 10 minutes and you can repeat the remedy several times for better results.

Tea Bags

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apply apple cider vinegar on the cysts and cover the area with the bandage for while night. Repeat this remedy daily and this will reduce the size of the cysts and drain out the pus from it. Clean it regularly and the problem will be effectively treated.

6. Hot Compress

Using a simple hot compress also provides great relief from the painful symptoms of sebaceous cysts. The warmth increases the blood flow in the area and reduces the pain and swelling. Press a hot compress over the cysts for 10 minutes to get the benefits.

Hot Compress

7. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is a very good remedy to treat the problem of sebaceous cysts completely. The use of turmeric helps in getting relief from the problem of pain, inflammation, swelling and irritation. Not only this, turmeric is also very useful in the purification of the blood which in turn prevents the occurrence and formation of cysts in the skin. It is therefore highly recommended to consume a glass of turmeric milk on a regular basis to get the benefits.

Turmeric Powder

8. Epsom Salt

Boil some water and add Epsom salt to it. The rich anti inflammatory properties of Epsom salt will reduce the pain and inflammation and will also help in draining out the pus from your skin. Apply the solution on the area and use it regularly to clean the cysts to get relief.

Epsom Salt

9. Honey

Honey helps in soothing the skin and is very useful in treating the problem of sebaceous cysts on your skin. Honey is also rich in anti inflammatory properties that reduce the symptoms whereas the rich anti microbial nature of honey helps in getting relief from the risk of infections. Apply raw honey on the skin every day to treat the problem.


10. Baking Soda

Baking soda helps you in providing relief from the risk of infections that could develop due to the cysts. Not only this, baking soda is also rich in the anti inflammatory properties that make your skin to relieve the inflammation and swelling. Apply baking soda paste directly on your skin to get the benefits.

Baking Soda

11. Coconut Oil

Sebaceous cysts can also be treated effectively by using coconut oil. Coconut oil contain anti inflammatory nature and hence you get relief from the inflammation and swelling problem and also the infection relieving properties of coconut oil are very useful in preventing and treating infection due to cysts. Apply the oil directly on the skin to get the benefits.

Coconut Oil