11 Signs And Symptoms Of Heat Exhaustion

11 Signs And Symptoms Of Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is a condition caused when the body is exposed to high temperatures and heat. Due to the problem there is loss of water from the body which also results into an imbalance of body salts and electrolytes. Factors like exposure to sunlight, doing continuous work in hot and high temperature conditions, excessive dehydration etc are all responsible for heat exhaustion. The body loses the energy and power to perform even the normal daily tasks. The problem can be adequately treated but in severe cases it can cause heat stroke and can cause complete damage of kidneys and brains which could be fatal and life threatening.

Here Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Heat Exhaustion:

Tiredness And Dizziness

As the body loses its energy therefore you might feel frequent tiredness which can also result into dizziness and fainting.



The human body is not capable of tolerating high temperatures and excessive heat and therefore results into nausea and vomiting. This symptom of the problem leads to a further loss of water from the body and hence can be very dangerous if not taken care properly.



Some people face the problem of diarrhea due to heat exhaustion and this causes the loss of electrolyte and water from the body and adds further weakness to the body.


Excessive Sweating

Since you are exposed to high temperatures therefore your body will sweat profusely. Not only this, there is an increase the heart beat rate and some people even faces the problem of muscular cramping.


Dark Urine Colour

Since your body is dehydrated due to heat exhaustion therefore the colour of your urine will dark yellow which is not at all considered a good sign. It is very important to treat the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion as could be a life threatening problem and can cause damage to your kidneys, brain and heart. Here are some of the easy ways by which you can easily tackle the problem of heat exhaustion.

Dark Urine Colour

Cool Down Yourself

If you are sweating heavily then it is advised to cool yourself down by sitting under a fan or by migrating to a low temperature place.

 Relaxation Techniques

Hydrate Your Body

Once you stop sweating and feels cool, the next step is to hydrate your body in order to prevent the problem of dehydration. Drink normal water and avoid drinking cold water from refrigerator. Not only this, you can also rely on fresh fruits juices to get yourself hydrated.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Replenish The Electrolytes

Due to sweating and other symptoms your body loses a lot of electrolytes and it is therefore very important to replenish the electrolytes in your body and in order to do so you can grab fresh coconut water or a glass of butter milk which not only restores the electrolytes but also adds water to your body.

Buttermilk Works Wonders

Wear Lose Clothing

It is highly advisable that you should wear lose clothing which would facilitate the movement of air and would prevent the sweating effectively.

wear loose clothing

Lower Your Body Temperature

During summer seasons the occurrence of heat exhaustion is quite common and it is therefore very important to lower your body temperature to avoid serious effects. You can simply take a cold shower or apply some ice cubes over your body to get yourself cooled.

Take Cold Showers

Take Proper Rest

It is advisable that you should proper rest in order to restore the body’s energy. Do not rush for work immediately instead lie down at a cool place until your feel complete relief.

Proper Rest And Relaxation