11 Top Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Belly Fat

11 Top Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Belly Fat

People are desperately trying to lose their belly fat by hook or crook. Belly fat not only looks bad, it also proves to be dangerous for various kinds of health issues. Excess amount of abdominal fats can create trouble in later period of time. Some people are trying hard to reduce their belly fat, but are not able to do so. There can be various types of reasons for the same. Reasons such as genetics, old age problem, hormones and several other factors decide the belly fat. Proper source of motivation is required to really reduce the extra fats from the belly. Select the best exercises and practice them regularly.

Some Of The Reasons Are As Follows:

You Are Getting Older

Old age can become a serious kind of problem to hamper the process of losing belly fat. The rate of metabolism slows down with increase age. The decline in the number of calories leads to such kinds of results. The production of certain types of hormones slows down and results in accumulation of belly fat.


Home Remedies To Reduce Belly Fat

You Are Doing Wrong Workout

Wrong workout can also prove to be one of the reasons for not reducing belly fat in certain period of time. There are certain types of exercises and workout techniques that are generally designed to reduce fats in the belly. Make sure you are doing these exercises instead of doing the wrong ones. People are doing some exercises that cannot provide best results while reducing the fats from the bellies. Select the best exercises that can regulate the core muscles in order to remove the hidden fats. Take some suggestion for fitness expert and select these exercises very wisely.



You Are In A Habit Of Consuming Processed Foods

Ingredients such as refined form of grains, refined sugars and various other products can lead to inflammation in the stomach. All processed foods contain these refined products that can affect obesity and increase belly fat. Avoid taking these processed food items on daily basis in order to reduce proper fat from the belly.

Processed Meat

Eating Wrong Fats

Eating wrong kinds of fats will not allow the belly fat to reduce. Intake of saturated fats like that present in dairy products and meat should be avoided. Good kinds of fats such as monosaturated fats and polysaturated fats will form fats in the bellies. Thus be selective while taking food products.

Dairy Products

Workout Is Not Challenging

Selecting the right kind of workout is very important as it will help to cut down the fat from the bellies. People make a mistake while selecting the best workout for reducing belly fat. Make sure to take care of the workouts that are sufficient enough and make you work hard to reduce the fats.

Not Warming Up Before Exercise

Excessive Stress

Stress can really hamper the workout techniques. It is always advised to stay away from stress as it will not help in anyway. It will seriously hamper the mind and will not provide fruitful results from the daily workout plan. Thus first become free from stress and then practice these workouts in regular basis.


Sleeping For A Few Hours

People who are sleeping for less than 6 hours a day are not likely to get results from daily workout. For reducing weight, it is must to sleep for at least six hours in a day for getting desired results. Less intake of sleep due to various reasons can lead to problems such as obesity and thus increasing belly fat.


You Are Apple Shaped

Apple shape refers to the body shape in which the fats get accumulated in the belly instead of hips and thighs. This is actually a genetic type of problem that is avoiding you from losing those extra curbs from the belly. It is possible to cut down the fats, but it may require more effort at the same time.

Breaking Down Fats And Reduce Cholesterol

Sickness Problem

Losing fat belly is also correlated to presence of testosterone level. If the level of testosterone is the body is high, then it becomes very difficult to get rid of the problem. It becomes slightly difficult to reduce the extra fats from the stomach. Make sure to normalize testosterone level and then try for the best exercises.

Start Your Monday With Exercise

Lack Of Motivation

Motivation is required in order to reduce the fats from the belly. It will help to stay in the right track and regularly practice the exercises. People who are simply doing the workout without any source of motivation cannot lose the fats easily. Proper motivation from time to time is required to easily lose those extra fats.