12 Best Vigorous Exercises To Lose Weight For Women

12 Best Vigorous Exercises To Lose Weight For Women

Vigorous exercises include different kinds of cardio and quick movement exercises that tone up the entire body along with aiding in weight loss. It has been seen that with time women tend to lose muscle and also bone density. Hence, they need to do vigorous exercises on a regular basis to regain some of that strength and also to keep that fat off.

Here Are The 15 Best Ones You Can Do:

Brisk Or Power Walking

This one is not for the light-hearted and is not definitely a walk in the park. It involves intense movements along with speeding up your walking. In fact you should try to walk as fast as you can. Some women beat joggers with their fast paced walking, but this one is light on the knees so perfect for those suffering from knee issues.


Jogging/ Running

For those in their 40’s and below, this is a great workout that is vigorous, aids in weight loss and works on different muscle groups too. You can do it in the park, in the treadmill or even in the swimming pool, which is known as aqua walking and especially suited for women with knee problems like arthritis.

Running For Losing Fat


Women of all age groups can do this exercise because it targets the complete body, without pressure on any particular point of the body. Swimming however should be done in vigorous strokes to ensure weight loss. You can go slow and fast if you want, but when going vigorous, just make sure that you don’t slow down too often.


Jumping Jacks

This one is an exercise that really takes your breath away. Jumping jacks should be done for at least one minute at a fast pace and then take a break for 10 seconds. Repeat the same at a vigorous rate to get toned and lose weight. Just stand with feet together and jump as you spread feet apart, with hands going over the top.

jumping jacks


Go get your skipping rope and get started. For doing this, just make sure that you are landing on the balls of your feet and not heels. The landing should be soft but making sure that you are not slowing down. You can also do this without the rope, but either ways, don’t exert your shoulders.


Rotating Squats

This is another vigorous routine that is ideally suited for women and targets their lower body. Start off in standing position and go into a regular squat. Just make sure that your knees don’t cross the toes. Then extend right leg and go into a deep squat there. Come back to front position and do a squat, again get back to left side and do a deep squat.

Rotating Squats

Quick Feet

All soccer champions across the world love this because it really gets your feet going crazy. It is like spot jogging, only that you do it on the ball of the feet. Start off with vigorous jogging, but without lifting feet more than half and inch off the floor. Keep both hands tight across your chest for support.


Mountain Climbers

This one is a killer because it is fast and so effective. Just get down on the floor and raise your upper body and lower body together. Palms on the floor and then bring right knee as close to chest as possible. Even as the right knee goes back, bring forth the left knee. Do a vigorous set for at least one minute, using alternate legs.

mountain climber

Jump Push Ups

Tone up the upper body with these jump push ups. Lie on your stomach and then raise upper with palms on floor and hands slightly away from the chest. Then fold legs (ankles crossed over each other), with knees on the floor. Now go down into a regular push up but as you come up, take both hands off the floor for a second and back on floor again. Really vigorous toning for upper body and abs.

push ups

Jumping Lunges

This one really tones your butts and lower body. Stand straight and bring right knee forward and go down into a lunge. Again, keep back straight and knees shouldn’t cross toes. Now jump as you switch legs and repeat with your left leg. Then jump back to right.

jumping lunges


It looks easy but the pendulum or side to side exercise is not easy. Fold hands across the chest and lift right leg off the floor and extend to right. Jump and do same with the left leg. Now do this as fast as you can for a minute.


You can do this on the bike or even on the floor. On the bike, keep back straight and stomach sucked in. When doing on the floor, lie flat on the mat and hands behinds your head. Rotate right leg inwards as you bring towards the chest, then extend outside. While extending right leg, bring the left leg in the same way. For added workout, raise upper body towards alternative sides.