12 Causes And Home Remedies For Vaginal Swelling During Pregnancy

Vaginal Swelling During Pregnancy

Vaginal swelling is quite a common phenomena women experience during pregnancy. Pregnancy comes with a lot of bodily changes along with the reproductive organs, the hormones, and the mood sand all aspects change. The body of a woman goes though a transformational phase during pregnancy. Vaginal swelling is quite a common and natural complaint women have! In the vagina and in the area surrounding the vagina, swelling and pain can be noticed. Vagina has a chemical balance and this balance is disturbed due to bodily changes during pregnancy. These changes can lead to swelling burning and itching of the vaginal areas. Also arioso disease and complications are connected to this issue. If you want to know about the causes and natural remedies to heal vaginal swelling, here are some which you can rely on!


1. Yeast Infections

Yeast infection is the prime cause of vaginal swelling. If you are suffering from a yeast infection, the reproductive areas such as the vagina get infected with it fast. Yeast infections are very common during pregnancy and thus can result into vaginal swelling and inflammation!

Yeast Infections


2. Changes In The Ph Balance Of Vagina

Just like the normal skin, the vagina too has a pH balance. When the balance or level of pH increases or decreases in the vagina, it can cause swelling and pain. The pH balance is very important to get balanced as; it can cause some serious illnesses and infections in the vagina.

Changes In The Ph Balance Of Vagina

3. Unhealthy Foods

Foods play a very important act during pregnancy. The doctors suggest to eat the foods which are natural and suggest to eat the foods like vegetables, fruits and grains which can have minimum side effect or infections. If you eat junk food and such foods which can have an ill effect on your body, it can lead to various infections and vaginal welling!

Unhealthy Foods


4. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes are quite significant during pregnancy. During pregnancy, the levels of hormones like estrogen, progesterone etc changes. They can increase and decrease while creating issues and complications in the body. Thus the hormonal changes can also lead to swelling and itching in the vagina!

Hormonal Changes

5. Chemical Reactions Of Products

Tough the products like tampons, condoms are certified and safe to use they can have an ill effect on the vagina. These products are made using different unnatural elements which can sometimes not cope with the body and create some allergic reactions the chemicals used in these products can cause irritation, swelling and pain in the vagina!

Chemical Reactions Of Products

Home Remedies:

6. Yogurt

Yogurt is a cool repairing agent which can make your skin bacteria free. This amazing ingredient prepared from the fermentation process would simply kill all the bacteria and infections which cause swelling in the vagina. You must consume yogurt everyday for reducing the dwelling and bacterial infections. Yogurt would simply make your vagina free from such issues and would reduce inflammation!


7. Garlic

Filled with amazing anti bacterial properties, this cool organic ingredient is made for healing skin issues. If you are feeling irritated and dry from the vaginal swelling and infections, you can consume garlic to eliminate the symptoms. Garlic would simply help in reducing the inflammation and get you healthy vagina back! Consume 2-3 cloves of garlic a day for fast and amazing results!


8. Oregano Oil

This amazing oil is a natural herbal treatment for swollen vagina. If your vagina feels dry and irritated too, you can consume the oregano oil for reducing such symptoms. Filled with enzymes and cool anti oxidants, this amazing oil would get you relief over the dwelling and pain.

Oregano Oil

9. Cold Compresses

What can work more amazingly than cold compresses on the swollen areas? If you have woolen and itchy vagina, consider cold compresses. Cold compresses significantly reduce dwelling and gets you your normal vagina back. Twice a day take some ice cubes and massage your swollen vagina with these packs for cool results. You would not only feel calmed and relaxed but would also get rid of the irritation soon!

Cold Compresses

10. Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is filled with some o the finest healing ingredients which can get you quick results. Since eras, this amazing ingredient is used for healing various skin issues, swelling, bruises, cuts, marks and much more. On the other hand, milk is a super and rich nourishing element which would get you energy and would make you feel lighter. Drink Luke warm turmeric milk every morning and night if you are suffering from swollen vagina and get flawless results!

Turmeric Milk

11. Cold Water Rinse

Cold water rinse is an amazing remedy for swollen vagina. Cold water would simply help in reducing swelling and pain and would get you quick results soon. Rinse your vagina with cold water and you would get some relief fast!

Cold Water Rinse

12. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is filled with cool anti oxidants and natural elements which can heal pain, swelling, inflammation and such issues. If you are suffering from heavy pain, irritation and such complications due to vaginal swelling, you must consume 2 glasses of cranberry juice every day. This would help you in eliminating the feature of vaginal swelling and would get you clean and healthy vagina soon!

Cranberry Juice