12 Weight Loss Tips For Busy Mom

12  Weight Loss Tips For Busy Mom

As a busy mom you barely have time to complain. But you can see one problem of weight gain that is really not avoidable. Being busy is no excuse for not exercising or working out. But there are some busy mom tips that really work in controlling your weight. Basically these are ideal for women who love to stay fit but don’t have time. Here are some easy solutions for diet and exercises that can be used for weight loss and busy moms will surely love this-

Play And Run With Your Kids

What works better than running after your kids. A cool way would be to indulge in different kinds of energy games for your kids. It could be something as simple as running after them or playing the hola hoop, which does wonders for your waistline. You should also try moving around the house with them to keep your metabolism going.

paly with yor kids

Sleep With Your Kids

It is easier said than done but not sleeping is actually a cause of weight gain. It leaves you tired and groggy and you cannot exercise much in such cases. Rather you should take naps when your kids are doing or at least when you have a toddler or infant at home. Not getting enough sleep ruins your hormones and leads to weight gain.

sleep with your chidren

Make Use Of Your Smart Phone

Be a smart mom and get use of your smart phone. Here you can get everything from applications to exercise strategies for you. In fact, just switch on an exercise video for ten minutes and make use of that time to workout.

make use your smart phone

Walk When You Can

Rather than taking the car everywhere, why not try walking. You can also take your little one on the stroller and walk around the neighborhood or even jog with them. Doing so will help you spend some time with your kid, give them an outing and of course also ensure that you get your workout.


Eat Healthy Meals With Your Kids

You are cooking healthy for your kids, making sure that they get their meals right on time. So why not you too. Eat with them because this creates a good impression. It also means that you eat healthy at small breaks with them. Of course, you go low fat while they get full fat.

Healthy Diet

Get Up A little Early

As a busy mom, you are probably all set up for getting up early. But what you can do here is get up another 20 minutes earlier and make use of this time to exercise. It would mean that you get a little extra sleep or power nap with kids, but it is better than not exercising at all.

Start Your Monday With Exercise

Workout Smarter

Opt for smarter and healthier workout routines made for smart mommies. Think of tabata, interval training, etc. which require less time from you but provide you with better results. Opt for such exercises that can done in shorter sessions instead of doing 1 hour of slow aerobics.

Aerobic Exercises

Make A Mommies Exercise Group

How about making a mommies group that gets together at one house and exercises together. You can keep your children supervised for sometime and all of you can workout together. It is a great way to connect and also means that you work out together and catch up on chit chat! So forget coffee meets and catch up with exercises.

Aerobic Exercises

Use Stairs Instead Of Elevators

Think about using the chairs when possible instead of using the elevator. Even 3-4 such short bursts of going up and down means that you are able to lose some calories. Just make sure that you do it religiously.

Stair walking

Practice Kids Friendly Exercises

There are lots of exercises that you can do with your kids. It could be kids friendly yoga or even something simple like aerobics. Ask your kids to join you and help you out in the workout. This way, they get a break from television or tablets, while you workout together.

yoga with kids

Indulge In A Sport With Your Kid

Why not do a sport that your kid loves too. Think trekking, mountain climbing, biking, swimming, tennis or even any other game. When you both are at the session, might as well make use of that time and do something.


Get Active Every Time You Get A Chance

Exercise every time you get a chance. When you are waiting for kids to finish class, run around the block or sign up for a gym nearby. This way you get some exercise, without really wasting time. If you work, then exercise during your lunch break and grab a sandwich or salad on the way back. Smart moms sure know how to move smart!