13 Yoga Poses To Tone Your Glutes And Lose Weight


When it comes to the gluten or the muscles around the butts and the upper thigh areas, women suffer from cellulite, fat and also flabbiness. This is a rather common problem but what you can do here is follow a mix of cardio exercises along with yoga. Doing so will not only strengthen your glutes, but also help in lengthening, relaxing and shaping them up. The result is a healthier you, with glutes or butts that are shapely and can be showed off with ease.

Here Are 13 Effective Yoga Poses For The Same

Chair Pose

You can do both advanced and regular chair pose versions here. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then slowly bend down, without knees crossing your toes. Then extend both hands in front of you for added balance. Doing so will not only stretch and work on the glute muscles but also helps in reducing fat and shaping. For advanced pose, simply raise your toes when doing the exercise.

chair pose

Big Toe Pose

This is a pose that is all about stretching the muscles of the glutes and expanding them. Doing so helps in bringing out their flexibility and also giving them the desired shape. Stand straight with feet together. Raising both arms, bend down from the spine till you can touch your toes. Hold the pose for 20 seconds and repeat.


Boat Pose

If you are looking forward to toning your muscles along with the abs, this is the pose for you. For this pose, you have to lie down on the stomach and then raise both hands in front of you along with the legs stretching backwards. Hold the pose for 30 seconds. Then repeat. It lengthens and stretches glute muscles.

boat pose

Half Moon Pose

This is a deep lunge pose where you have to raise both hands above head. For this pose, bring right knee forward with feet firmly on the ground. Take the left leg back and bend from the knees. While doing so, fold both hands above the head and stretch backwards. Hold for 20 seconds. Repeat this pose with the other leg too.


Extended Hand To Toe Pose

An advanced pose that works on the inner and outer muscles of the glutes is this one. For this pose, stand together and extend right leg out. Then try holding your right toe with your right hand. Hold for a while. If you are unable to touch the toe, then bend knees slightly. Repeat with the left leg too.


Warrior Pose

An easy but effectual pose that gets rid of fat from the area and helps in faster toning. Stand with legs wide apart. Bend slightly to the right (including the knee). Extend both hands outwards. Now bend as low as you can on the right knee, with your left feet extended outwards. Hold and repeat with other leg.


Baby Pose

For this pose lie down on your back and bring knees towards the chest. Then hold your toes with your knees and stretch the legs so that you can feel that burn. Hold for about 20 seconds and repeat.

 baby pose

Three Legged Dog

For this pose, you have to get to the mountain pose first. Lie on your stomach and then using your hands and legs together, raise butts as high off the ground as possible. Now gently raise your right leg up in the other, while hands and left leg support your weight. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat with other leg.


Dog Pose Extension

Get down on all fours with your stomach sucked in. Now, gently raise your right in the air so that it is parallel to the floor. Raise it up as if you are doing pulses. Do ten pulses and then repeat with left leg.


Cobra Pose

For this pose, get down on your stomach again. Now using both your hands and keeping legs on the floor, just raise your upper body. Stretch head backwards and try to raise the upper body from the butts. Hold the pose for about 30 seconds to stretch your glutes.

Cobra pose

Shoulder Stand

For this pose, lay down flat on the back, then raise both legs together, while supporting them with your hand and raise them as high in the air as possible. This pose helps to shape the butt and tone them while working on core glute areas.

shoulder stand

Bridge Pose

Lay down flat on the back and keep arms near the feet. Now raise the butt off the floor and as high as possible with feet firmly on the ground. To make the stretch morse intense, raise your body from the shoulders and also raise the toes. It really helps in shaping the glutes and stretching them.

Bridge pose

Reverse Warrior

For this pose, get to the basic warrior pose. Now using your right hand extended and right leg bent, try to stretch as far as you can. Repeat this with the other leg too to work on complete glutes.