14 Yoga Poses To Ease Menopause Symptoms

14 Yoga Poses To Ease Menopause Symptoms

Over the years women have taken respite from menopause through different kinds of natural solutions. One of the easiest ones to follow is yoga. It has been seen that there are a lot of yoga poses that help in soothing and alleviating symptoms of menopause including weight gain, bloating, depression, etc. Doing yoga on a regular basis ensures that you have a smoother menopause with least worries about these signs.

Triangle Pose

This is an effective yoga poses that stretches the uterus and helps it to contract, which in turn eases the symptoms of menopause. Stand with legs wide apart then with both arms extended outwards, bend towards your right toe. Touch it and hold the pose as the left arm is above your head. Repeat this pose with the other side too and hold for 30 seconds.

triangle pose

 Standing Forward Bend

Another standing pose that helps to alleviate the symptoms of menopause is the standing forward bend. For this pose, stand with feet together and arms extended above head. Bend gently as you come forward and touch your toes with hands. Try to touch your knees with nose and hold. Doing some gives the uterus some space to contact and expand, which ensures smoother flow of blood.

Forward Bend

Bound Angle Pose

This is a pose that helps in receiving the pain caused during the menopausal stage. For this pose, sit on the floor and bring the heels towards your crotch. Use your hands to increase the stretch. Now hold and sit in this pose for 1 minute. Doing so helps to ease the overall body pain and aids in reducing overflow of blood.

bound angle pose

Chair Pose

During menopause, women tend to get very depressed and gain weight too. The chair pose helps in toning and contracting the muscles of the legs along with abs. Doing this pose helps to relieve tension and depression too. Stand with legs shoulder width apart. With both hands extended in front of you, bend as low as you can, without knees crossing the toes. Hold for 30 seconds.

chair pose

Bridge Pose

This pose reduces the bloating caused because of menopause. Lie on the floor with heels close to butt. Raise the butts off the ground and go as high as you can. Hold the posture for a minute and then repeat.

Bridge pose

Boat Pose

This one not only tones your abs and helps to control muscle pressure, it also lets the uterus function better and thus reduces extremely heavy flow of blood. Avoid doing it when menstruating though. Lie on the floor with backs straight. Gently raise both hands and bring towards the legs, even as the legs are lifted off the ground. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat.

boat pose

Reverse Boat Pose

For this pose, lay down on your tummy and then extend hands in front of you. Now raise upper and lower body together to feel pressure on the stomach. This reduces water bloating on the stomach and improves uterus functions while getting rid of clotting from the area.

reverse boat pose

Bow Pose

On the stomach, bend your legs and bring heels towards butts. Now hold your ankles with both hands and raise upper and lower body together. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat. This pose eases pressure on uterus, reduces pain and helps you relax too.

Bow Pose Locust Pose

This is a relaxation pose where you have to sit crossed leg. Now bring right ankle above left thigh and left ankle above right thigh. Close eyes, suck tummy in and start breathing deeply. Keep spine straight and relax to ease tension from the entire body.

Locust Pose Side Angle Lateral Stretch

Stand with feet as apart as possible, extended outwards. Now bend from the right knee and bring your left hand to touch the right toe. The right hand should be extended above your back. Hold this pose for 20 seconds and then repeat with other side. Doing so stretches the stomach muscles to ease uterus function while getting rid of other menopausal symptoms.

Side Angle Lateral Stretch

Hero pose

This is another pose that improves overall blood circulation and improves uterus function. For this, fold legs under your butts and sit on them. Spine should be straight and back stomach sucked in. Meditate in this pose for 3-4 minutes to alleviate symptoms of menopause.

hero pose

Plow Pose

This pose helps to stretch the uterus too and reduces pain caused because of excessive bleeding. Lie on the back and then keep hands under butts. Raise both legs together and take it as back as you can, till your toes touch the ground or at least the head. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat.

plow pose

Seated Forward Bend

For this pose, extend legs straight in front of you and then raise both hands and touch the ankles. Bend as forward as you can touch knees with nose. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat. This reduces fat from the stomach along with reducing pain.

Seated Forward Bend

Supported Shoulder Stand

Keep a pillow under head and then use hands to support hips as you raise both legs in the air. Keep them straight with toes pointing towards the ceiling. This reduces excessive blood flow and irregularities of menopause.

supported shoulder stand