15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mussels

Amazing Health Benefits Of Mussels

You might had eat lots of seafood but have you ever tried the seafood named ‘mussels’ which is highly delicious in taste and loaded with essential nutrients required for healthy body? If your answer is no then try it now as its nutrients are extremely beneficial with health prospect. Mussels belong to the family of mollusks and clams that originates from habitats of both freshwater as well as saltwater. You can easily found them in coastal areas and areas surrounded by ponds, rivers and lakes. Here are some amazing benefits of mussels that makes it perfect choice to consume when it comes to health and fitness.

Here Are Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Mussels 

Makes Heart Healthy

Mussels is very high in omega 3 fatty acids but it contains low volume of saturated fats which are always needed for a healthy heart condition. In fact, it has been proved in studies that the omega 3 fatty acids which are present in aquatic animals especially fish and shellfish whose consumptions regulates heartbeats and controls the fat levels in the bloodstream thereby reducing the risk of any sort of heart complications like heart failure or heart attack.

Heart Disease

Lower Mortality

Mussels have reduced the number of sudden deaths and have made heart strong from inside.It is well known as the best seafood as it is highly rich in essential vitamins such as vitamin B12 and folate, and also contains some important minerals like zinc, phosphorus and manganese in excess. It is also a rich source of omega 3 fatty acid, Vitamin and selenium that offers amazing health benefits to its consumer.

Lower Mortality

Treats Arthritis

Mussel is very helpful in the treatment of arthritis and gives effective result in curing rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis in a comfortable manner. In fact, in a research, it is proved that consumption of green lipped mussels regularly in a daily diet plan had lowered arthritis incidents. You can also prefer intake of green lipped mussels extracts so as to get rid of arthritis.

Prevents Arthritis

Give Relief From Joint Pain

Person suffering from joint pain and other similar orthopedic problems can get instant relief from such pain by massaging affected area with oils made from green lipped mussels leaves. Green mussels is highly rich in essential nutrients like  glycoamoinoglycans, iron and betain which are highly beneficial in giving relief from joint pain and joint stiffness.

Joint Pain

Eases Circulation

Mussels also maintains the functioning of circulatory system and prevents its consumer from any sort of heart disease like heart failure and lung problems. In fact, it facilitates the circulation of blood to all important organs of the body and muscles which in turn promotes blood flow and gives strength to arterial walls.

Blood Volume Increases

Good For Teeth Health

Mussels are very good for improving teeth health and its regular consumption gives better result in  giving utmost strength to teeth and gums. Mussels are highly recommended by dentists to cure root canal surgery and helps in curing problems related to gums like gums bleeding. Mussels give necessary support to surrounding tissues of teeth and bones of mouth.

Whiten Teeth

Boosts Immune System

Mussels gives a better result in boosting immune system of an individual to great extent and its regular consumption makes its consumer body resistive to bacterial and viral infection. Regular consumption of mussels accelerates the formation of antibodies and improves wound healing thereby improving immunity.

Boosts Immune System

Controls Neural Problems

Mussels are very beneficial in stimulating the muscles, organs and tissues of nervous systems  and improves the functioning of nerve cells throughout the body.

nervous systems

Helps In Pregnancy

Mussels are highly recommended by medical professionals for pregnant women because it improves fertility of women by increasing the viscosity of cervical mucus plug in women. Apart from it, it also increases the viscosity of seminal fluid in men too.


Cure Anemia

Mussels give good result in preventing men, women and children from iron deficient diseases like anemia, low energy levels and breathing problems. In fact, intake of 100 grams of mussels in a daily diet removes deficiency of iron and produces red blood cells which are responsible for preventing anemia.


Helps In Weight Loss

Mussels are very helpful in managing weight as it contains less saturated fat, total fat and low calories than other diets which gives best benefits in removing overweight problem.

Weight Loss

Removes Skin Problems

Mussels gives best result in fast recovery from any sort of skin related problems as its revive skin cells. In fact, anti-inflammatory properties of mussels reduce skin inflammation and increasing skin elasticity that slows down the ageing process.

Keep Your Skin Dry

Improves Metabolic Function

Mussels are very rich in protein that maintains the function of cells thereby giving structural support to them. It is also good for improving metabolic functions and allows cells to function together.

Improve Your Metabolism With Vitamins

Protects Skin From Sunburn

Green mussels richness in mucoplysaccharides is very helpful in giving some special anti-ageing benefits and maintaining skin elasticity It also protects skin from sunburn and harmful effects of UV rays coming from the sun.


Prevents Asthma Attack

Mussels are also good for preventing asthma attack and recommended for asthma patients.



These are the amazing health benefits of mussels that makes is most preferable choice to consume. So, start consuming it from now onwards.