15 Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit During Pregnancy

15 Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit During Pregnancy

Women frequently crave for food during pregnancy and most of them want to eat sweets. Too much of these foods can result in negative effects such as gestational diabetes, weight gain, etc. Experts recommend eating pleasant tasting foods, such as fruits, when you crave for sweets. Kiwi is one such fruit with dense nutrients that is beneficial for the baby and mom. Read on to learn the beneficial properties of eating kiwi when you are pregnant.

Benefits Of Kiwi During Pregnancy


Kiwi fruit contains high amounts of folate, which is crucial during fetal development. Folate prevents neural tube defects and spina bifida in fetus. Besides, folate is an important element for new cell formation and ensures organ development in fetus. So, every women in child bearing age should take folate supplements.


Vitamin C

Kiwi fruit is packed with vitamin C, which is required for both the expecting mom and the fetus. Vitamin C combats infection and aids in collagen formation. It also helps in bone development and cartilage formation. Studies show that vitamin C is vital for cognitive functions. It also helps reduce stretch marks post pregnancy.

Removing Stretch Marks

Improves Immune System

Kiwi is loaded with potent antioxidants, which protects our body from free radical damage. It fights infections and strengthens the immune system. It guards the DNA of the fetus from oxidative damages. It reduces oxidative stress and detoxifies the cells.

Boosts Immune System

Hormonal Balance

A lot of hormonal changes occur during pregnancy, which results in physical as well as psychological changes. These are unique changes in the life of a woman, which has significant effect on the child’s development. Depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, etc are part and parcel of the hormonal fluctuation. Consuming kiwi will help you overcome these symptoms.


Low GI

Kiwi is a fruit with low glycemic index. When you crave for sweets, just eat a kiwi fruit to control your craving. It regulates insulin levels in the body and is a good food choice for women with gestational diabetes. Being a low carb and low fat fruit, it makes the best snack for all pregnant women.


Eases Digestion

Constipation is a common problem during pregnancy. Packed with dietary fiber, kiwis make one of the best natural solution for constipation. It is also reported to be a good natural prebiotic with digestion promoting enzymes, polyphenols and fiber. It supports the growth of beneficial microbes in the gut and improves digestion.


Vitamin K

Getting enough vitamin K, especially during pregnancy is important to prevent heavy bleeding during delivery. Vitamin K aids in blood clotting and hastens wound healing. Kiwis can be a good vitamin K supplement as the fruit contains rich amounts of this vitamin. Vitamin K also aids in strong bone development and muscle build up.

Boost Bone Health


Kiwi has rich fiber content. Intake of fiber is quite important during pregnancy, as many of the expectant women experience constipation. Eating fiber rich diet is a safe and effective way to prevent this problem.


Low In Calories

Kiwi fruit has low caloric value. One kiwi fruit (3.5 oz) has only 61 calories. Too much weight gain during pregnancy can strain your heart and also leads to gestational diabetes and several other complications. However, natural, sweet and low-calorie snack like kiwi will keep your hunger satisfied.

You Will Gain Weight After C-section

Rich In Iron

Iron is an important element of haemoglobin, which helps in producing red blood cells. It helps in transporting oxygen to the cells that boosts energy production. Replenishing the reserves of iron is especially important during pregnancy and kiwi fruit provides almost 4% of this mineral per serving.


Rich In Calcium

Calcium is one of the important minerals that women need, when they are pregnant. Kiwi fruit has 5.5% of calcium, which is quite high when compared to other fruits.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, which prevents cell damage. Kiwi has rich vitamin E content and hence beneficial for both mother and the baby.

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No Allergic Reactions

Kiwi does not stir up any allergic reactions. Therefore, pregnant women can eat this fruit without any fear.

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Maintains Healthy Nerves

Consuming kiwi fruit during pregnancy prevents mental or nervous disability in babies. In this condition the fetal nerves and brain are not perfect. However, the rich folic content in kiwi fruit ensures that the pregnant woman gets all the nutrition that she needs.

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Prevents Stroke During Pregnancy

Statistics reveals that stroke during pregnancy has increased in the recent years. Consuming kiwi fruit can prevent clogging and arteries thus preventing heart disease, high blood pressure etc.

Blood Pressure