16 Dos And Don’ts During Early Months Of Pregnancy

Congratulations! You are pregnant. Along with all the happiness around, you will be bombarded with elders what to do and what not to. First trimester (first three months of pregnancy) is the foundation for your baby. Take ultimate care during these crucial months for healthy pregnancy and delivery. You must know what to do during early months of pregnancy but it is also much critical to know about the don’ts.

Here Are Some Dos And Don’ts Listed Below You Can Follow For A Hearty Pregnancy Phase.

Dos During Early Months Of Pregnancy:

1. Book Appointments With Doctor

Set a reminder or write in your to-do list but make sure you never miss any appointment with doctor. ANC (antenatal care) is must to keep you and the growing foetus healthy and to detect any abnormalities at early stage.

Book Appointments With Doctor

2. Take Your Pills

Calcium, iron and folic acid must be taken daily. Adequate folic acid is helpful in controling certain birth defects such as spinal cord abnormalities. Iron heals premature birth and low birth weight baby.

 Take Your Pills

3. Eat A Colourful Plate

Nature is wonderful. It has included all the important nutrients in various colours. Hence have a plate full of green vegetables, yellow or orange fruits, whole grains, seafood and lean meat.

green vegetables

4. Get Going And Stay Active

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you should rest all the time. Unless you are advised to take complete bed rest, you should move around, take a walk to energize your body.

Get Going And Stay Active

5. Gaining Weight Is Good

If you are the woman with average weight before pregnancy, you should gain 25-30 pounds during pregnancy. Overweight women should gain about 15 to 25 pounds and underweight 28 to 40 pounds throughout pregnancy. This ideal weight gain during pregnancy is essential for healthy baby and you.

Gaining Weight Is Good

6. Stay Hygienic

It becomes much more essential to follow healthy cleaning regime during early months of pregnancy. This will control transfer of infections to growing foetus.

 Stay Hygienic

7. Check The Blood

To control pregnancy and post-delivery complications, go for blood check up to diagnose diabetes, thyroid or other diseases.

Check The Blood

8. Have A Good Night Sleep

Set a goal to sleep for 8 to 9 hours every night. Sleep is the prescription for not only health problems but also during pregnancy.


Don’ts During Early Months Of Pregnancy:

9. Do Not Skip Meals

Eat adequate quantity of meal regularly throughout the day.

Do Not Skip Meals

10. Things To Avoid Completely

Alcohol, smoking and retinol must be stopped once you receive the news of being pregnant and also during breastfeeding. These things are linked with abortion and developmental defects in growing foetus.


11. Stay Away

Avoid exposure to paint fumes, chemicals, toxins present in regular household cleaning products.

Stay Away

12. Stop Cleaning Cat’s Litter

It contains hazardous toxoplasmosis infection which is harmful for baby. Use disposable gloves if in case you have to clean.

Stop Cleaning Cat’s Litter

13. Say No To Douching

Vaginal douching increases the risk of pregnancy complications. It is also estimated that it causes ectopic pregnancy (growth of baby in fallopian tubes instead of uterus).

14. Restrict Eating Outside Foods

It is better to avoid eating food in unknown preparation environment. Make sure the food is well cooked and heated properly.

Restrict Eating Outside Foods

15. Absolute No To Feminine Scented Products

They possess greater risk of vaginal infections and hence harmful for the growing baby.

16. Avoid Exposure To X-rays

It is too not advisable during pregnancy and must be done only under guidance of physician.