2 Most Popular Types Of Breast Implants

breast implants types

In the modern world of ever advancing technology it is hardly any issue if women have diminished bust line. What is more interesting to note is that, if a woman is not satisfied with the natural cleavage she has, there is always an option she can opt for, which will help her to make her bust line the most enviable one.

This revolutionary technology is the system of breast implanting. There are various types of breast implantation techniques. But the two most common ones have been compiled here for you, which will make your choice of your preferred method more focused.

Types Of Breast Implants

Saline Implant

This was a common practice that had been in rage since the past few decades. Saline infused fillers are implanted into the breast tissues of women, who wish to go for improvement of the shape and size of their breasts.Saline implant benefits the patients with shifting of the position of their deshaped breast and firming sagging breasts, together with the basic advantages of improving the bust line, enhancing the shape of the breasts and making them fuller.

It must also be noted that saline implant is associated with a series of disadvantages. The saline filled sacs embedded within the breast tissues can automatically alter their shape and change their positions, thereby making the breasts appear deshaped. They can become extremely hardened and cease to feel like natural breasts.

types of breast implant

They can also lead to accidental leakage and rupture. In some of the most serious conditions, saline implant can lead to excessive pain in the area of the implant. It can become contaminated with infections. There might be permanent loss of sensation in the area associated with scaring. The breasts might also become permanently incapable of breast feeding.

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Saline implant is the most chosen one as the leakage of saline water on occasions of accidental leakage is still considered as health friendly as compared to chemical alternatives. It gives patients the choice of opting for textured shell saline implants, which counter growth of fibrous tissues in the breast area.

Silicone Implant

In this process, silicone based fillers are placed inside the breast tissues for obtaining more defined and developed bust line.For centuries silicone breast implant have remained as the chosen one because the texture of the silicon shells used for the implantation look closer to that of the real tissues of the breast. Thus, silicon implant gives a more realistic effect that is preferred by many women.

breast implants

Silicone implant is the popularly chosen method for augmentation of the size of breasts, replacement of the breast tissues that have been dissected during breast cancer and correction of various abnormalities based on the shape, size and form of breasts.Silicone implant is associated with hoards of serious health issues.

It has been found that since the texture of the silicone shells is thicker as compared to saline shells, ruptures could not be detected in time. Thus, the chemical compound gets mixed with the blood stream of the women who go for it. Eventually, it encourages the occurrence of diseases such as, connective tissue diseases, malignancy, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc. But, there are debates about the harmful aftereffects of silicone implant.