Touted as one of the most popular cosmetic enhancement procedures favoured by women in the United States, breast augmentation does not entirely give positive results. Many women who have had the surgical procedure are reported to have had complications, risks and possible ruptures that require subsequent corrective surgeries to rectify them.

The procedure of breast augmentation is done in order to improve the appearance of breasts which are sagging and shapeless and also for lifting sagging breasts after pregnancy. It is also used as a reconstructive method for damaged breasts due to cancer and accidents.

Lumps After Breast Augmentation

Formations of lumps or swelling and hardening of breast tissues after the procedure is a common after effect from which many women suffer. Though some lump formation is part of the process of healing, there could be many other types of lumps like an infection in the incision and also capsular contractures and even a cancerous lump that people which undergo breast augmentation are susceptible to, that could require investigation to prevent complications and health risks to the patient.

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Lump Formation Due To Implant Rupture

The implants that are used for breast augmentation is either a saline or a silicone implant, both of which can rupture any time after the surgical procedure. Normally an implant lasts for 12 years. But it can rupture even immediately after the surgery if there is mishandling and too much pressure is exerted on the implants. When a saline implant ruptures, there could be immediate deflation of the implant, allowing the saline to leak into the body. The woman will have misshapen and uneven breasts in such a case. The implant has to be removed from the breast and a new one inserted if required.

When there is a rupture of a silicone implant, the external appearance may not change drastically. However, the shape of the breast will slowly change with lump formations which could be shapeless and misshapen contours due to the leaking of silicone gel into the body. Along with the lump, you could feel feverish and will have pain and sensitivity in the breast. Silicone gel leaks are more dangerous and can cause many respiratory disorders if not taken care of immediately.

Physical Examination Of Breast Lumps

Any type of awkward and new lump formations on the breast post surgery should be taken seriously and the doctor consulted to rule out complications. Physical examination of the breast every day will help you determine the formation of lumps in the breast. You can press on the breast implants from all directions to feel the rib cage underneath and look for any lumps that are unnatural. However, take care not to press excessively to cause the implants to rupture if they are aged. Every change in shape or size or any changes in the appearance of the breasts must be carefully noted and reported to the doctor. This will avoid complications later on.

Lump formations on the breast immediately after the surgery may not be important as it is a normal process of healing with scar formation around the suture or inflammation of the tissues after the surgery.