4 Alkaline Diets To Provide Respite In Cancer

Alkaline Diets

For people suffering from Cancer, there are very little things that can be done to cure the disease completely. However, there are a lot of things apart from medication that can be a part of the treatment. One of these things is consuming a diet. If you maintain a specific form of diet, it will help promote the growth of “alkaline” pH in the body. This pH is good for cancer suffering patients and helps fight the disease.

When you eat this kind of diet, your natural pH balance lean will be more towards the alkaline side instead of acidic side. This is a difficult diet to maintain because mostly anybody is prone to be too acidic. A good quality alkaline diet does not only help in curing cancer but also helps fight against it.

Insight On Alkaline Diet

Alkaline diet is not the same as acidic diet. Most people tend to confuse the two because they believe that the diet is the real pH level of the food itself. However, that is not true. For example some foods that are acidic in nature like lemons have an alkaline result on the body. In this kind of a diet, consumption of meats along with dairy products, white flour and sugar is minimized as they have an acidic response on the pH level of the body. Eating fresh fruits, green vegetables and even nuts like almonds and soy products are promoted.

How It Helps Against Cancer

In a lot of studies, scientists have found out that cancer cells along with tumors grow faster and more in number in an acidic environment. It is also observed that the lower the acidic content the slower is the growth of the tumor. However, when the alkaline content of a body is increased, there are less chances of growth and it also helps fight the existing tumor. Thus, just by adjusting your diet and eating proper and healthy foods you can make a less friendly environment for cancer cells and enjoy health!

Increase Oxygen Levels

Alkaline bodies help in curing cancer and preventing it from occurring in the body. However, these are not their only benefits. Alkaline bodies also increase the amount of oxygen present in your body. Cancer cells don’t tend to grow in the presence of oxygen. Therefore, if the oxygen levels of your body is low, then cancer cells are able to grow quickly and multiply.

However, when the alkaline content of a body is increased, the tissues are able to hold larger quantities of oxygen in comparison with tissues having higher acid levels. This way, there is less toxic waste as it becomes easier for cells to discard them. Thus, having a high alkaline content in your body does not only prevent the development of cancerous cells but also ensures a good health for the future.

Here is an alkaline diet that you can follow to prevent growth of cancerous cells or help fight against them:

Alkaline Diets To Provide Respite In Cancer

Minimize Meat


To start with, minimize the consumption of meat products. Meat has a very high acidic content. The best option is to avoid meat products completely.

Avoid Dairy Products

Avoid Dairy Products

Do not take too many dairy products like cheese, milk, butter and like. Dairy too has a very high content of acid. However, little consumption of dairy products is essential for calcium.

Say No To White Sugar And Flour

White Sugar

Avoid white flour and white sugar. Use wheat and brown sugar instead. This will not only help reduce the acid content but with also help maintain your sugar levels.

Opt For Nuts, Fruits And Veggies


Eat 4-7 almonds everyday in the morning. Almonds have a very high content of alkaline and they leave an alkaline ash within the body. Try to eat lots of fresh and raw fruits and vegetables. This will increase your immunity system and help fight against any disease. Also, try eating a lot of products that are made of soy. Soy too has a very high content of alkaline.