4 Best Foods For Weight Loss

Foods For Weight Loss

Foods For Weight Loss

Weight loss is the biggest obsession of human beings in the modern world. Everyone is out to lose more weight and is never happy with the present body weight. This may be because of the fact that our self image is largely dependent on the way we appear to the world in physical terms.But we should not look down upon any one who is genuinely trying to become leaner and fitter. There are many occasions where a person has to lose weight in order to make a better lifestyle choice. Our modern day lives where we very sedentary routines can do us a lot of harm in the long run. Being inactive can really take a toll on the body. Many diseases like diabetes, arthritis and osteoporosis are also a result of leading lives with limited physical activity and unhealthy dietary habits.

But before we embark on any weight loss or weight management plan, it is essential to make sure that our approach towards it is practical. It is not enough to just lose weight because the weight loss has to be in a healthy manner. Losing too much weight suddenly can do us more harm than good. We need to eat the right foods in the right quantities to ensure weight loss is achieved in the right manner. It is also important to maintain the desired weight after we have lost it. It is important to be aware of the right foods for long term weight loss.

Foods for Weight Loss

Here is a list of different types of foods that will help you lose weight.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits And Vegetables For Weight Loss

The importance of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet cannot be stressed enough. The vitamins and minerals that we get from this food group cannot be found anywhere else. Try and avoid tinned fruits because they have added sugar and preservatives.Eat mangoes, watermelon, berries, bananas and grapefruit to get the benefits of antioxidants and various vitamins. Spinach, beans, Brussels sprouts etc. are excellent foods to gain iron and zinc from. These foods will give you energy without any extra fat or calories. This helps in losing weight.

Whole Grains and Pulses

Whole Grains For Weight Loss

Polished grains and pulses of all types should be limited in intake. Whole grains have double the amount of fibre and nutrients than polished ones. This helps in filling up your stomach and delaying the onset of hunger. They also have fewer calories in proportion to the nutrients that they provide.

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Dairy Products

Dairy Products For Weight Loss

You need to have at least 2 servings of any one dairy product like milk, cheese or yogurt for your daily calcium needs. Eat skim or low fat versions of all dairy products to derive the nutritional benefits without adding the calories. 3 eggs a week will fulfil your protein needs and provide adequate nutrition.


Juices For Weight Loss

Your weight loss will get a boost if your body is always well hydrated. It makes digestion and burning of body fat much more effective. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. You can also have fruit and vegetable juices but not in large quantities. Avoid any aerated or sugary drinks along with coffee and tea.

4 Best Foods For Weight Loss