4 Effective Ways To Control Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes

Finding it increasingly difficult to handle the lifetime disease called diabetes that seems to just eat away your body from inside no matter what you do to control it? Well, maybe you are not trying hard enough. For there are plenty of ways to reduce blood sugar from the body than just sticking to those troublesome medications and insulin injections throughout your life!

Given below are some essential pointers every diabetic individual would need to follow in order to get relief from Type II Diabetes and its related symptoms. Following these tips would ensure that you effectively take care of the condition and remain healthy in the process.

Ways To Control Type 2 Diabetes

Diet Considerations

If you are diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, the first step you would need to take to handle the issue is to opt for a change in diet. It is a known fact that cutting down on sugary foods can help treat and prevent Diabetes.

Diet Considerations

However, several individuals tend to opt for portion control diets in the belief that controlling what they eat can help them take care of diabetes and lose weight in the process. Even though this is true to an extent, you need to understand the fact that cutting down on your food portions would be beneficial only if you provide your body with all the essential nutrients it needs on a day to day basis before saying ‘no’ to certain foods.

Staying away from certain foods totally could actually deprive your body of the essential nutrients they provide, thus causing malnutrition. A suitable alternative to this would be to opt for plant based, low fat, vegan diets that could help you lose weight, control your blood sugar levels, and manage the cholesterol levels in your body in a better way.

The Importance Of Fiber 

One of the best ways to keep your blood sugar levels in check would be to opt for foods that are rich in fiber. Opting for foods that are low in glycemic index is also an added advantage as otherwise the former would be easily converted into sugars.

Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber is known to lower the insulin and bad cholesterol levels in the body. And so, eating about 50 grams of fiber a day would help you control diabetes II and stay fit in the long run.

Weight Considerations

One of the major reasons for Type II Diabetes is excess body weight. Overweight individuals tend to develop the symptoms of diabetes very early on in their lives. So if you are overweight and are scared of contracting diabetes (or if you already have diabetes), a strict fitness regime would help you get back in shape and thwart off the disease as well.

Weight Considerations

If you have never exercised before, start with small exercises that do not require much effort. Make it a point to burn at least 300 calories a day via exercises. As you get used to working out, increase the intensity and duration of the same for more benefits.

When Medication Works

For some individuals, the correct blend of diets and exercises help. And then for some individuals, Type II diabetes can be controlled only with the added effort of medications or injections. Oral drugs or insulin injections can help you get relief from the disease and lose weight.


However, you need to note the fact that Type II diabetes is a progressive disease that requires additional medications (and efforts) to be properly controlled with time. So make sure that you don’t let go of your diet, workouts or medications even when you feel your blood sugar levels are normal.