4 Home Remedies For Acne Using Lemon

Natural ingredients like lemon have been part of daily skin care regime for women since centuries. Even our ancestors were aware of the many medical and cosmetic properties of lemon.

In this article we will look at some of the ways in which lemon can be used effectively to treat acne.

1. Lemon as a Facial Cleanser

Lemon contains citric acid which is known to balance the secretion of oil on the skin; over-secretion of oil is often the main cause of acne.Lemon cleanser can be effectively used to treat oily skin and thus prevent acne. To prepare lemon cleanser you will require one liter distilled water and five ripe lemons. Place water over medium heat and bring it to a boil.

Once the water starts boiling add ten lemon halves to the boiling water.Boil the lemons for 5-7 minutes and then remove the pan from flame. Cover the pan with a lid and let the lemons steep in the hot water for 10-15 minutes. Now remove the lemon pieces from the water and strain the water.

Pour the resulting liquid in a spray bottle. Use the lemon cleanser on the skin every time the skin feels oily and greasy. Spray a little of it on your face before applying makeup as well.

2. Lemon-Turmeric Anti-Acne Face Mask

To prepare this face mask you will require one ripe lemon and a pinch of turmeric. Squeeze the juice of lemon in a clean bowl and add a pinch of turmeric to the juice. Mix the two well. If the mixture is runny then add ½ teaspoon gram flour to the mixture.

Apply the resulting paste all over your face as well as neck.Both lemon and turmeric have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties;turmeric is even antiseptic in nature.

Leave the paste on your skin for around 15 minutes and then wash with cold water. Do this treatment every day for three weeks to see considerable improvement in your acne. Once the acne is completely gone, you can do this treatment twice a week.

3. Lemon-Honey Face Pack

Using lemon and honey face pack thrice a week is a good way of getting rid of the extra oil from the skin without depleting the skin of its natural moisturizers. Lemon effectively gets rid of the extra oil and honey locks in the natural moisturizer of the skin to prevent it from over-drying.

To prepare the lemon and honey face pack you will require one ripe lemon and half teaspoon honey. Mix the juice of lemon with honey and apply the resulting mixture on your face and neck. The mixture might sting a bit at first but the sensation will soon disappear.

Leave the face pack on the skin for 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water. Honey will bring glow to the otherwise dull acne skin.The lemon-honey pack can also be used for treating chest and back acne.

However, you will have to regularly do the treatment twice a day for a period of two months to get rid of your back and chest acne completely.