4 Homemade Packs That Can Help You Remove Body Hair Naturally

Homemade Packs That Can Help You Remove Body Hair

You may be spending a lot of money on removing unwanted body hair. Body hair under armpits, face, hands and legs can cause embarrassment, if you forget to remove it while wearing certain attires. So, why not try few natural remedies with homemade packs that can help you get rid of unwanted body hair.

Here Are Few Ways To Get Rid Of Body Hair Naturally:

Sugar, Lemon And Honey:

Sugar, Lemon and Honey can be made into a pack and used to help you get rid of your unwanted body hair. Lemon also acts as a bleach and helps lighten the color of your body hair. Mixture of sugar, lemon and honey can be used to wax your underarms, legs and hands. You need to heat the mixture and apply it on the areas you want to wax, then take a cloth and paste it on the areas where you had applied the paste earlier. Then pull the cloth and your waxing is done.

Sugar, Lemon And Honey


Raw papaya can help control excess hair growth and is also very helpful for hair removal from your body. Papaya is very good for your skin and if applied on skin it can help you get bright complexion. You need to take raw papaya and make it into a paste, then add little turmeric powder. Now apply the paste on you arms, legs and underarms and keep it for 15 to 20 minutes. Later wash it away with water. Repeat this few times in a week and you will see amazing results.



Potato juice can be very helpful in helping you remove body hair and get smooth skin. You need to cut a potato and extract the juice from it, then take honey, lemon juice and yellow lentil paste and mix them well. Yellow lentils needs to be soaked in water overnight and then used. Apply this paste on your face, hands and legs, keep it for sometime and later wash away. This can give amazing result and remove unwanted hair.



Egg is very good for your skin and can also help you stay healthy. A mask made out of egg, sugar and corn flour can be very helpful in removing unwanted body hair. Break an egg, add sugar and corn flour and mix it well in a bowl. Then apply the mixture on your hands and legs. Once it dries, wash it away with water. If you repeat this few times in a week, it can give you great results.