4 Natural Methods To Increase Vaginal Lubrication

Vagina is one of the most important of feminine parts. It is also very delicate and requires more care and nurturing than we thought. It is a common knowledge that feminine health is directly related to the female hormones. The roller-coaster ride that the females come across their lifetime is curtsey her hormones. Menopause is one such milestone in a female’s life that brings along some very undesirable changes in her body and its activities. With the onset of Menopause, the female sexual health suffers quite a bit. This is mainly due to the lack of lubrication in the vagina that causes pain and discomfort. Intercourse without proper lubrication can lead to tearing and bleeding of the delicate vaginal walls. In severe cases, this might even lead to infections on the long run. However, while most of you might rush to a gynecologist to cure your problem of dry vagina, there are quite a few natural remedies as well that can help you deal with this particular problem:

1. Diet

First and foremost, what you eat entirely affects your every day well-being. Including foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids help reduce vaginal dryness on the long run. For this eat food such as Tuna, Sunflower seeds, Salmon, Pumpkins. Also eat food that are a rich source of Vitamin B and A as these provide you with the essential fatty acids required to bring down dryness.


2. Maintaining PH

It is very important to maintain the right PH in and around the vaginal area as it directly effects how moist it gets. For this, invest in a good quality soaps and Vaginal washes and use them during your cleanliness routine. Also, Olive oil would be a great all-natural ingredient to use in order to moisten the vaginal area. Apply a high-quality Olive oil around the vaginal area twice a day to keep it moist.

Maintaining PH

3. Hormonal Check

To keep your Vagina well-lubricated, it is necessary to maintain the right hormonal-level. For this a nice brisk walk could do the job. Indulge in a walking habit just before you wish to have intercourse and you will be surprised with the results. Watching sexually-arousing films is also a good idea to help increase the blood flow to your V-area. This could be done along with your partner as a part of a nice fore-play.

Hormonal Check

4. Timing Your Intercourse

Strange as it sounds, but it is true that you could make the most out of a well-timed intercourse! For those of you, who have hit the Menopause button, indulge in a good bedroom-romp anytime between 4am-9am, as your hormones are most well-behaved then.

Timing Your Intercourse

Lastly, it is important to understand that taking care of your Vagina is just as important as any other part of your body. The female Vagina is like a flower; it is delicate and needs tender loving, nurturing and caring to remain at its best.