4 Tips To Deal With First Menstruation Of Your Daughter

4 Tips To Deal With First Menstruation Of Your Daughter

4 Tips To Deal With First Menstruation Of Your Daughter If you have a daughter who is stepping in her pubertal years and the sign of her puberty like appearance of breast buds, pubic hair, armpit hair and a considerable difference in her attitude like being more conscious about her looks, over friendly or too reserved with boys and peer group, etc. has begun to show then it is high time that you talk to your daughter about pubertal changes including menstruation.

Ideally, you should have told your daughter by the time she turned 9 but if you have not shared with her about this important change of life and she has not experienced her menarche than you have not missed the bus. Share with her these must-know tips to empower her and make her love and respect her own body and feel responsible for it. Things to share with your daughter about first menstrual periods.

Dealing With First Menstruation Of Your Daughter

Woman’s Physiology

The first thing you need to tell your daughter is the physiology of a woman’s body, how do periods occur, their significance, etc. Share with your daughter in clear and specific words. Do not hesitate while sharing about woman’s reproductive organs.  Tell her about uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, pituitary gland and their respective locations in the body. It is very important to tell your daughter that getting periods is a sign that she is on her way towards womanhood and it means that from now onwards she can get pregnant if she happens to have sex during her fertile days.

Tell her about fertile days, ovulation, etc. as well. It is also important to tell your daughter that she can get pregnant even before getting her first period. It can happen because a girl first ovulates and then menstruates and if she has had sex during her first ovulation then she can very well conceive even before her first periods. You will get ample amount of resources on medical websites for explaining your daughter a woman’s anatomy and physiology.


Next, tell her about PMS. It is very important to share with a girl about PMS because she may experience the symptoms of PMS before the onset of her first periods and may feel unwell and irritable during those days.


She may feel teary or aggressive and may get into some kind of altercation with her siblings or parents. She may feel anxious about her sudden weight gain or sudden spurt of acne on her face which may affect her self esteem badly.

How to Deal With Periods

Next comes actual dealing with periods. Tell her how to use a tampon, pad and cloth pads. In fact you need to give her a small demo about how to stick a sanitary napkin on her underpants, how to use a tampon and how to use a cloth pad.


You should also share with her about the bad effect of pads and tampons on our environment. In the beginning, give her a choice to choose whatever she is more comfortable into. Once confident about dealing with periods, she can use non disposable items like cloth pads too. Also tell her about cramps during menstruation and the remedies like hot fomentation, etc.


Don’t forget to share with your daughter about significance of hygiene during periods. Tell her about importance of daily baths, washing of genitals, periodic change of pads, etc.

daily baths

Also tell her about disposal of pads, tampons and cloth pads. Tell her not to flush them in toilet as the pads/tampons absorb water and block the toilet. Tell her to roll them in toilet paper and dispose them in a bag in the toilet dustbin.