4 Ways Or Steps A Woman Should Take To Prevent Osteoporosis


Of all diseases that influence health of a woman who is nearing middle age or has crossed middle age osteoporosis or brittle bone disease tops the list. In this disease due to calcium deficiency or reduction in calcium bones become very weak. As a result a bone breaks very easily if it is hurt or receives slight blow somehow. Osteopororsis or brittle bone disease is very common among women who has reached 50 or crossed 50. Even women who have menopause before 45 is running at a risk of getting osteoporosis early. Men also have osteoporosis but this disease is very common among aged women. So a woman who is nearing her menopause or middle age should take some early steps so that osteopororsis does not occur in her.

Here Are 4 Ways Or Steps A Woman Should Take To Prevent Osteopororsis

Check The Health Of Bone

As told earlier osteopororsis generally starts to set when a woman reaches her menopause. So a woman needs to be careful as she nears middle age. She shoould consult her physician and the physician will advice her to have some bone density test to determine the level of strength of the bone and will take steps accordingly.


Build Up A Good Calcium Rich  Food Habit

A habit of good eating is always helpful for a healthy body. A woman first of all needs to forsake habit of smoking and drinking. According to experts taking canned drinks like some cold drinks also damage bone health.  Therefore a woman should eat low fat foods and certain dairy products which are also low in fat. Foods that have calcium, vitamin D in it are most welcome for preventing osteoporosis. Eating certain green vegetables, soy products and fish like sardines also are helpful in brittle bone disease.

Soy Products

Exercise On A Regular Basis

Experts or doctors say that regular exercise or physical activity for at least 30 or 40 minutes reduce the chance of getting brittle bone disease. Such exercises include simple walking, jogging, running, dancing, aerobics, yoga, weight lifting of various kinds etc. A woman needs to consult physiotherapist or experts to get advice on exercises that help in building strong bones.


Always Look For Certain Diseases In The Family

A woman who has menopause before 45 should be careful about certain types of diseases or conditions of she has or had those in past. These diseases or conditions include history of any bone breaking in past, diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease etc. Besides if a woman has a history of osteoporosis in the family then she should be careful also.