4 Ways To Lose Weight By Running

Ways To Lose Weight By Running

Ways To Lose Weight By Running Running is a favorite form of aerobic workout for many people. It is the best way to get rid of the flab from the body as well and one doesn’t require membership of a fancy gym to run.

Running is the best among all cardiovascular exercises. It ups your heart rate like no other exercise does. It helps you lose weight fast and also tones and strengthens your body. In this article we will show you how to use running as an effective form of exercise to burn high number of calories and lose weight efficiently.

Ways To Lose Weight By Running

Change Your Eating Habits

Weight loss is not dependent entirely on running. Don’t be under the impression that running will help you lose weight if you don’t change your unhealthy eating habits. This is not to say that you should starve your body; starving your body is only going to help you this much.

Once you start eating all the weight you lost will come piling back and some more! Eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet. Since you are running to lose weight, your body will require immense energy. Hence, eat lots of protein-rich foods like eggs, lean meat and protein shakes.

Protein acts as a fuel for our bodies and helps us maintain high levels of energy through the day. It also keeps our body full for long so the hunger pangs are reduced and we don’t tend to go overboard when we eat.

Plan Your Exercise Schedule

Many people give up on their exercising routine after the first three days. This is quite understandable since most of us have a grilling professional and personal schedule. However, running for three days and then giving up isn’t going to help you lose weight. You must run at least four times a week to see changes in your body and weight.

For this it is important that you plan out your exercise schedule. Try to exercise at the same time every day. This will make it easier to stick to your exercise routine. Talk to family and friends and seek their support in helping you remain loyal to your training schedule. It is important not to skip your exercise program because each session will act as a foundation for next.

Running is a tough exercise and you can build your stamina only by running regularly. Regular running will also reduce chances of muscular injuries.

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Include Other Forms Of Training

Any form of exercise can become a tad boring when done by itself. Hence, it is best to include other forms of training once in a while. Workouts like interval training work best with a running workout. You can even include speed work with running. Both the workouts help burn high number of calories in a short while. They help in the formation of muscles which means that your body burns calories (for muscle formation) even while you are resting!

Keep Yourself Motivated

Despite your best efforts, it is very easy to lose sight of your goal. For this reason it is important to keep yourself motivated to run as per your training schedule. Ask a friend to accompany you during your running sessions. Most people have become health conscious and you will find lots of people for company.

Presence of other people often helps us remain motivated. If you cannot find anyone to give you company then invest in a good ipod. Listen to high octane music as you run. High energy songs keep your energy levels high as well and can even help you run 60 minutes each session.