5 Amazing Lower-Body Exercises For Pregnant Women!

Lower-Body Exercises For Pregnant Women!

Pregnancy is one such phase in women’s life, when a women attention gets diverted from herself towards her baby. At times, she may feel dizziness, weakness or even loss of stamina and all these factors are quite common to experience during this remarkable phase known as pregnancy. More aptly, pregnancy is one time of a women’s life where-in she should be quite considerate in doing all the exercises or routine regimes in a most remarkable way.

Usually, medical practitioners, suggests to follow-up an average walk of about 15-20 minutes for every pregnant women. This will immensely keep her stay active, healthy, enhancing the stamina of your body besides attaining a sound muscle control during pregnancy besides maintaining an optimal balance of your body. Besides all these, there are certain well-required and quite an amazing lower body exercises that is highly required to be followed by every pregnant women at large. Emphasized below are 5 of such amazing lower-body exercises that should be optimally required to be followed by every pregnant woman.Let’s discuss them, one-by-one, in brief:

Let’s Discuss Them, One-By-One, In Brief:

1. Leg Lifts:

For doing this lower body exercise during pregnancy, just lay down on one side of your body. Now, just keep your knees, shoulders and hips along one straight line. Make optimal use of your hands to hold up your head and just keep your other hand besides the ground ahead of your body. Then, lift your one leg in upward direction as much as you can do and then move it in downward direction. Do this exercise, at least 8-10 times and then move to the other side. This is an optimal exercise that tends offers quite an incredible strengthening to the muscles of your legs along with your hips during the crucial phase of pregnancy in a significant manner.

Leg Lifts

2. Standing Hip Extension:

Most of the time, it has been viewed that a pregnant lady often feels a lot of dizziness, weakness and much more during this important phase of her life. Here, doing standing hip extension exercise in a recurrent manner plays quite a pivot role in offering a sound strength to her muscles besides keeping her healthy.

For doing this exercise, stand straight besides keeping you’re both feet quite apart. Preferably, stand close to a chair that acts as a support system for you. Now, lift the left leg quite moderately in the backward direction. But ensure that both your knees are in a straight position and alongside don’t forget to keep your feet’s apart. Hold it this position for a while and then just lower it. Try to repeat this exercise, at least 5-6 times, for both of the right and left legs for offering a sound relaxation to both of your legs.

Standing Hip Extension

3. Knee Flexion:

This another most commendable exercise to be done during the pregnancy. For doing it, just stand in a straight position and try to keep a chair besides you for balancing your body-weight. Then, gradually raise your left knee alongside the buttocks while doing so, don’t forget to move only the lower part of your body besides making the upper body part quite stationary. Then, bend your leg in the backward direction as much as you can and try to be in this position for at least a minute. Now, come back to the initial position and repeat this exercise for the other leg as well. Repeat this exercise at least 10-12 times so as to strengthen the hamstrings in a commendable manner.

Knee Flexion

4. Squat With Overhead Press:

For doing this amazing exercise for your lower body just stand in a straight body posture and then keep your feet slightly apart. Then, optimally move your shoulders to the backward direction while pulling your belly button inside in a significant manner. Just try to clutch about 3 pounds of your weight alongside the arms. Next, slowly-slowly, bend your knees to form a squat position. But always mind it; keep your knees at the back of your toes while making a squat posture. Besides it, don’t forget to move your hands along with keeping the weights in an overhead position while you are returning back to the initial position. Repeat this exercise, at least 8-10 times so as to commendably offering a strengthening effect to your upper as well as lower body.

Squat With Overhead Press

5. Plie:

For doing this optimal exercise during pregnancy, stand in a straight position while keep your both feet’s parallel to each other and hips quite at a moderate distance. Another rule for doing this exercise is try to stand in close proximity to a chair, and if you feel the need, hold the chair appropriately for maintain a sound balance. Now, make an angle of 45ᵒ while keeping both your toes and knees in an outward direction. Alongside don’t forget to pull your navel button inside and then bend the lower torso and your knees as much apart you can while keeping your back quite straight. Hold on this position for a minute and then gradually return to the initial position, for optimal results, try to repeat this exercise in 5 cycles.


This is all about the 5 amazing lower body exercises that can beneficially be followed by a pregnant lady in her daily regime.