5 Bad Habits Women Should Get Rid Of To Keep Heart Healthy


Heart is the most hard working organ in a human body. A human being remains healthy and going as long as his or her heart keeps beating in healthy way. It is normally seen that heart problem develops in a man or woman for some habits he or she develops in him or her. These habits that cause heart diseases are inactivity, eating fast foods and foods rich in unhealthy fats, smoking, alcoholism etc. A woman with heart problem can resist or combat it by maintaining a healthy active lifestyle at the same time taking heart medicines regularly. But still there are some bad habits that if remain inside her then it becomes very hard to contain the heart problem altogether.

Here Are 5  Bad Habits That A Woman Should Avoid To Keep Her Heart Healthy

Not Sleeping Or Sleeping Little Or Too Much

When an adult woman sleeps her body organs including heart also takes some normal rest. Besides rest is necessary for several hormones in a woman’s body to work with their full potential. If regular sleep is hampered or a woman sleeps too much hormonal imbalances occur that in turn creates several problem in the body including heart.


Getting Angry Or Excited

Experts say that reaserches which are carried on have shown that people or women who are mostly relaxed and do not get exiited or angry very often have good heart. According to experts anger or excitement is bad for the health of heart.


Keeping Teeth And Mouth Dirty Or Not Washing Or Brushing Teeth Regularly

Recent medical research has shown that there are connections between teeth and gum related diseses to several other diseases that include heart disease. Though scientists and researchers are still carrying out researches in this field still doctors are advicing to brush teeth regularly and keep mouth clean free of germs so that no disease occur there.


Negative Attitude Towards Life

There are some people who always see the bad side of any thing. They are so pessimistic that no bright side of anything catches their attention. Medical experts say that this atttitude is not at all healthy for heart. So a woman if pessimistic should avoid thinking negative always and try to see the plus side of things.


Always Avoid Seeing The Doctor

There are also some people or women who avoid visiting doctor’s chamber until the situation becomes dire for them. Experts say that avoidance of doctor’s chamber sometimes makes the situation complex for a patient. So a woman should see the doctor immediately if she feels any persisting discomfort in the chest. It is better safe than sorry.