5 Benefits Of Body Massage After Giving Birth


Pregnancy makes you through a lot of stress and tension. After childbirth your body does go through a lot of changes. Having a new baby at home and also having to go through the recovery process after child-birth is very hectic for the new mother. Getting a body massage after delivery does help the mother a lot to de-stress.

Here Are 5 Ways How Body Massage Can Help After Delivery

Helps Body And Mind Relax

After giving birth your body is fatigued. Having a new born at home and being a new mother is altogether very hectic. Body massage after giving birth helps the body and mind relax. Pressure is applied on certain points of the body which helps in releasing certain hormones which are called the feel good hormones. Also a body massage helps reduce pain and stress hormones are reduced. A good massage makes you fall sleep and you feel relaxed after having spent a quality time with yourself.


Helps In Producing Breast Milk

A new mother needs to stay relaxed and happy in order to boost milk production. A good massage helps in releasing Oxytocin, which helps in milk production. Also massage helps you sleep, which is also very helpful in producing more milk.


Helps In Reducing Stretch Marks

From ancient times oils are used for skin care. After delivery your body is left with stretch marks and usage of various oils while getting a body massage helps reduce stretch marks. Getting massage done with oil helps skin stay hydrated and thus helps in reducing stretch marks.


Helps In Tightening Belly Fat

Massages boost blood flow and helps tighten loose skin. After delivery you are left with a belly flab and loose skin. Getting massage from a trained professional helps belly to slowly get back to shape and also helps tighten the loose tummy.


Helps In Coping Up With Depression

Post-natal depressions are faced by most new mothers. Body massage also helps a new mother in coping up with depression and baby blues.  The gentle and friendly touch on the body helps in reducing anxiety and helps you relax, which results in reducing post-natal depression.