5 Best Home Remedies For Hypoglycemia

Home Remedies For Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia, a low blood sugar appears when the sugar content or glucose in the body goes down; when glucose becomes less in your body, you will experience dizziness, headache, anxiety, hunger, sweating, and weakness as well, in the initial period; then, you will suffer from some other serious problems at later stage.

When low blood sugar or Hypoglycemia takes place, you should be very careful and take proper medications, and follow natural treatment in order to treat low blood sugar during initial or long term treatment. Hypoglycemia becomes very harmful and more dangerous if treatment is not taken at right time.

Maintaining proper diet is also most vital to balance proper glucose metabolism by eating snacks before going to bed, having breakfast, and to consume more amounts of carbohydrates. You can always consider the under mentioned easy home remedies for Hypoglycemia.

Home Remedies For Hypoglycemia

Drink Glucon-D

As hypoglycemia occurs due to low glucose level in the body;  thus,‘Glucon-D’ is given to the hypoglycemia patient, as it includes best glucose that is very much needed for the low blood sugar patient.


Glucon-D not just gives good amounts of sugar, but also energize your body, gives good relaxation, helps maintain proper glucose metabolism and finally triggers hypoglycemia. Therefore, consume this energy drink, that contains huge amount of glucose, that gives good energy and converts low level sugar to normal.

Regular Breakfast And Meals Essential

There are many people who skip their breakfast, and meals which affect their body sugar metabolism. Therefore, it is highly recommended to eat breakfast, and heavy meals, also some snacks during night.


Eating peanuts, boiled rice are also good for maintaining sugar levels; so fill your stomach with boiled rice and other food that contains carbohydrates to balance the low sugar level. As Hypoglycemia creates hunger and weakness, have food regularly 3 times a day; if you skip food,  you will become too weak that increases risk of hypoglycemia.

Effect Of Banana

Banana contains huge amounts of Vitamins, Iron, and Carbohydrates which are very essential in the treatment of Hypoglycemia. Hence, consume banana in more numbers in the form you like, such as – banana salad, banana milk, banana ice-cream, banana fry, etc.

Eating Banana

You can try banana salad, which is extremely delicious- just cut banana into slices, pour honey over it, you can also add vanilla essence for flavor, and eat this tasty banana salad to get rid of Hypoglycemia.

Perform Meditation

Researchers have found that meditation has helped many people to get rid of several diseases including hypoglycemia. The reason is that, meditation gives peace of mind, gives good relief from stress, stimulates blood circulation, and balances low blood sugar.

Perform Meditation

Hence, sit in a lotus position, close your eyes, and meditate for atleast 10 minutes daily thrice a day, in order to control hypoglycemia.

Eat Boiled Eggs

Egg Yolks have good number of carbohydrates and protein which is required in plenty for balancing low blood sugar. Thus, eat atleast 2 egg yolks a day to escape from hypoglycemia.

Boiled Eggs

You can boil eggs, put red-chilli powder, salt as per taste, and eat this in the morning that gives you all the nutrients to kick-out hypoglycemia.