5 Best Natural Cures For Impetigo

Natural Cures For Impetigo

Impetigo is a kind of skin disorder or an infection, which is formed by 2 different types of bacteria – ‘streptococcus aureus’ and ‘staphylococcus pyogenes’. This type of skin disorder actually appears on the face, neck, and hands of people of all ages, but more often on children rather than in adults. But, treatment for this disease depends upon the type of bacteria that caused ImpetigoImpetigo requires proper hygiene and thus, it is very important to wash hands thoroughly with good antibacterial soap, clean the injured area, take hot water bath regularly, and use fresh soft cotton towels to clean after bath.You should take care of your children, if impetigo appears on your children’s skin; you need to cut their fingernails, so that children should not scratch the infected skin by their nails. However, you can make them follow the under mentioned natural cures to prevent impetigo from spreading.

Natural Cures For Impetigo

1. Mixture Of Tea Tree And Olive Oil

Tea Tree oil is one of the best antiseptic and non-irritating oil, which works amazingly good when mixed with olive oil that is good enough in fighting against bacteria. Hence, pour few caps of tea tree oil and olive oil in a small bowl, apply this mixture thoroughly over the affected area, leave for some time on your skin, and massage. Do this for atleast 3 times a day, to get away from impetigo.

2. Hot Water Vinegar Bath

Vinegar is another effective formula that kills bacteria naturally, though it burns a bit when applied directly over the infected area. If vinegar irritates you by giving burning sensation, you can mix 1/4th part of vinegar in a tub of hot water and have bath. This method will definitely help to cure impetigo.

3. Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera, a most popular moisturizer used to relieve dryness of the skin that causes itching. Thus, apply Aloe Vera juice if you want to get good relief from impetigoIn case, if you are not able to get Aloe Vera juice, you can find ready Aloe Vera gel that can be kept in the first-aid box. Apply this gel, with your finger tip and spread all over the itchy area to kick-out impetigo.

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4. Consume GSE Gel Or Pills

As it is very well-known that GSE gel is most affective in curing impetigo, you can get GSE gel and mix with vinegar or garlic paste and apply on impetigo, though it itches badly, it will cure infection soon. You can also try GSE pills which are easily available in the market. Take 2 GSE pills a day and get speedy recovery from impetigo.

5. Grapes Seeds Extract

Grapes seeds Extract is also an excellent remedy that acts as an anti-bacterial agent to fight against dry skin which is found to be a place of bacteria.You can prepare this grape seeds extract at home – just grind grapes along with seeds, and apply this juice with the help of cotton swab. You can also use garlic with these grapes seeds extract and get permanent solution for impetigo.