5 Cause And Important Risk Factors Of Liver Cancer In Women

Liver Cancer In Women

Different type of cancer that affects vital organs of a human body is increasing in number around the world in recent time. Liver is one of the vital prgans of the body. Liver helps in detoxifying a human body while supplying nutrients. Liver cells sometimes can be victim of cancer. This is called liver cancer. The most common form of liver cancer is called hepatocellular carcinoma. Doctors say that there are cancers that originate in other parts of body and can spread to the liver. But these are not liver cancer. Hepatocellular carcinoma can occur or recur in men or women at an average age of 67 doctors say.

When liver cancer takes place there are certain indications or signs that include rapid loss of weight without any apparent reason. A woman can have swelling or ache in upper abdomen as well as feeling of nausea or vomiting. Weakness can follow too. Sometimes jaundice like coloration in skin or in eyes takes place. A man or woman who is victim of this cancer can have feces with white color also.

1. Cause Of Liver Cancer

According to health experts or doctors mutation in the DNA of liver cells is the main cause of liver cancer. When mutation in the DNA takes places liver cells start to grow at an abnormal rate. This causes the development of tumor in the organ. The tumor if becomes malignant cancer starts. Along with this doctors state that incidents of  repeated infection like different types of hepatitis can ultimately give birth or cause liver cancer in a man or woman.

Cause Of Liver Cancer

Here Are 4 Important Risk Factors Of Liver Cancer In A Woman:

2. Different Types Of Hepatitis

Doctors state different types of hepatitis like hepatitis B or hepatitis C as major risk factor for liver cancer in woman. So repeated occurrences of these diseases makes you vulnerable to liver cancer. For this reason a woman always has to remain cautious. Receiving hepatitis B vaccine is necessary. As hepatitis C can take place from unhealthy sex and use of needle, a woman should remain cautious about these also.

Different Types Of Hepatitis


3. Habit Of Heavy Drinking

Doctors cite habit of drinking alcohol regularly and at a heavy limit as one of the major risk factors for liver cancer. Drinking alcohol in limitless way for a long time can give birth to several serious health problem in you including this. health issue. Experts say that alcohol consumption for long time damages liver cells that ultimately leads to liver cancer. So limiting or quitting alcohol is the best idea to remain free of such problem.


4. Increasing Body Weight

Increasing body weight or obesity is another major risk factor of liver cancer doctors say. According to them recent research has shown connection between increasing body weight and hepatocellular carcinoma. For this reason experts emphasize on carrying out some exercises at a regular basis to loose weight if you are overweight. This helps in avoiding other major health problems too. Loosing weight at a rate of 1 or 2 pounds per week is the best idea experts state.

Body Weight

5.  Growth Of Toxic Material On Food And Crop

Doctors also say that growth of a certain toxin on preserved crops like corn, peanut or on foods made from those crops can risk liver cancer in you. The toxin is aflatoxins. Aflatoxins according to health experts can grow on crops that are not properly preserved. This growth makes these crops very injurious to health if eaten. For this reason country like US has issued some rules or regulations to preserve or store such crops properly.

Growth Of Toxic Material On Food And Crop