5 Cause And Steps To Deal Pelvic Inflammatory Disease In Women

Cause And Steps To Deal Pelvic Inflammatory Disease In Women

Infertility among women in developed counties is becoming a major health issue now a days. Though there are several reasons responsible for infertility in women still way of leading life in late teenage or early adulthood is one of those. A little bit unrestrained lifestyle sometimes gives birth to severe health issues that ultimately can cuase problem like infertility in women..In recent estimation it is shown that women in developed countries like US are becoming victim of problem like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in large number. This disease is one of the reasons behind infertility according to health experts.

What Is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is commonly known as PID medically. Doctors say that this disease is a kind of infection or inflammation that takes place or involves female reproductive organs. These organs include uterus, ovary, Fallopian tube.

When this kind of infection or inflammation takes place in a woman signs sometimes do not occur. But if incidents like green or yellow vaginal discharge with bad smell, ache in lower abdomen, difficulty in passing urine, nausea or vomiting, fever more than 100degree F, pain at the time of intercourse etc start to occur a woman must consult a doctor without loosing time.

Doctors mainly hold ailments like gonorrhea, chlamydia etc responsible for PID . But child birth, abortion, surgery in pelvic region also can give birth to PID heath experts say.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Cause Of PID

The main cause of PID in women is trouble creating foreign agent like bacteria. The Cervix part of uterus works as kind of check post for foreign agents to enter internal reproductive system through vagina in a woman. But if this cervix area is infected or gets weak somehow then it fails to hold bad bacteria from entering upper reproductive system. As a result bad infection creating bacteria wreaks havoc in the form of PID in a woman. Her reproductive system is affected.

Cause Of PID

Here Are 3 Steps To Deal PID:

1. Lead A Restrained Life

It is already mentioned that ailments like gonorrhea, chlamydia etc are mostly main culprits behind Pelvic inflammatory disease. Leading an unrestrained life in late teenage or early adulthood can create such problem. If you have multiple sex partner and have a habit of practicing unsafe sex then you are running at a risk of getting these diseases which can lead PID to occur in you. That is why doctors always ask to lead a restrained life and practice safe sex. At the same time if you have such a lifestyle then kindly check yourself up from time to time.

Lead A Restrained Life

2. Avoid IUD As Birth Control Measure

Doctors ask women to avoid IUD or intrauterine device as a contraceptive or birth control measure if they want to avoid PID from taking place. Health experts state that IUD increases risk of getting PID. Instead they ask women to use condom or in some cases birth control pills. Though birth control pills do not offer exact help in STIs still it is said that these pills can help cervix to hold bacteria from entering internal reproductive organs. Health advisors say that by using birth control pills mucus layer in cervix area can get thickened. You can consult your doctor in this issue.

Avoid IUD As Birth Control Measure

3. Take Part In An Infertility Evaluation Session With Expert

If you had an incident of  PID, here is a measure to deal with its effect. If you are having difficulty in getting pregnant then talk to your doctor or fertility expert. He or she will organize an infertility evaluation session for you. The expert will carry out tests to check whether PID is causing problem in you to get pregnant or not. Then the doctor will move accordingly

Take Part In An Infertility Evaluation Session With Expert