5 Causes And Steps To Treat Abdominal Bloating In Women

Abdominal Bloating

Abdomen or stomach is called the capital of a human body. If stomach remains healthy and strong then a man or woman also remains fit. But problem of bloating very often occurs in stomach. In abdominal bloating major discomforts occur in stomach and if it stays then it becomes very irritating. Abdominal bloating very often results in pain, loose motion or diarrhea. Besides it also creates unwanted situation like passing gas or flatus.

Here Are 5 Causes And Steps To Treat Abdominal Bloating In Women

Causes Of Abdominal Bloating

Most of the stomach related disease is resulted from problem of indigestion. When foods are not digested properly flatus occurs in the intestine . It gives birth to severe discomforts along with bloating. There are some disease which also cause abdominal bloating. Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is such a group of stomach related problems that causes abdominal bloating. IBS includes Crohn;s disease, ulcereative colitis etc. Then there is Coeliac disease, another health condition which occurs in human body due to autoimmune process that often causes bloating in people. Besides ovarian cancer in women also gives birth to uneasiness like abdominal bloating. This health condition also occurs due to hormonal changes in the body. Women who are pregnant or going to have periods soon become victims of abdominal bloating often.

Causes Of Abdominal Bloating

Here Are 4 Easy Steps To Treat Or Prevent Abdominal Bloating In Women

Avoid Eating Gas Producing Foods In Large Quantity

There are some foods like green vegetables that include beans, broccoli, cauliflower etc which are although good for health but can cause abdominal bloating by producing gas. So a woman who has a tendency to bloating should eat these foods in small amount and get habituated with these. Regular eating of these foods in small amount will suit the stomach and process of digestion. With this a man or woman should lower the intake of foods rich in sugar content, lower the habit of chewing gums and lower drinks rich in carbonated elements.


Eat Small Meals And Eat Slowly

Health experts say that eating small meals two three times in a day rather than one large or big meal always helps in the process of digestion. With this experts alo urge people to eat their meals slowly and swallow foods by chewing properly. Unchewed foods do not get digested and create problem like bloating in stomach.

Eat Small Portions Of Meals At Regular Intervals

Stop Constipation

Constipation is a health condition that if becomes regular in a man or woman abdominal bloating takes place. It is mainly the unhealthy eating habit, lack of drinking water, too much caffeine intake, inactive life and a habit of not attending toilet regularly etc that gives birth to constipation. So to avoid it one must eat good foods rich in nutrients and fiber, must drink at least eight glasses of water regularly. Doing some abdominal exercises on reglar basis drives constipation away and makes digestive system strong.


If Problem Remains Consult Physician

Even after taking care of food habits if abdominal bloating remains and disturbs a man or woman often then it is time to take the advice of a physician. The doctor will talk to the patient, evaluate his or her condition and carry out tests if necessary. Then prescribe medicine or take other steps accordingly.

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