5 Common Causes Of Breast Pain

Causes Of Breast Pain

Breast pain
is one of the very common problems faced by the fairer sex. The nature, intensity and location of breast pain can vary largely. While some may be localized to the nipples, other forms of breast pain can be felt on the upper surface of the same. Some of these may be mild while others may be so painful that antibiotics and compresses may be necessary. The factors that lead to the same are also multiple. Take a look at the common causes of breast pain we have discussed here.

Reasons For Breast Pain

Hormonal Changes

The role of hormones in breast pain has been strongly established by the medical fraternity of the world. Thus, during the time of menstruation, many women suffer from breast pain. It subsides as soon as menstruation gets over. Even the worst example of breast pain associated with menstruation gets diminished when the woman gets pregnant or enters the menopausal stage. The reproductive hormones are highly active during menstruation, which gets reflected back in the form of breast pain. But, during pregnancy, these hormones already get impregnated. So, breast pain is also not felt. The same principle applies for menopausal state as well, when the reproductive hormones seize to get produced.

Stimulation Of Mammary Glands

Women experience mild to severe breast pain during their breastfeeding stage. Pain associated with this stage initiates from a time before the secretion of breast milk starts and continues a few months after the secretion is in progress.

Causes Of breast pain

The reason behind breast pain during this period is the stimulation and expansion of the milk secreting glands, which are medically termed as mammary glands. The hormonal changes within the body are optimum during this phase, which work towards activating the mammary glands and making the system ready for breast feeding. This is followed by breast pain as a side effect.

Anatomical Triggers

Sometimes anatomical changes in the breast come with breast pain as obvious symptoms. Prior breast surgery, trauma in the breasts, development of cystic growths in the breast and other such localized factors are often associated with breast pain. Breast pain arising due to anatomical factors may be felt inside the breast as well as on the outer surface, such as breast muscles and chest walls.

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Fatty Acid Imbalances & Breast Pain

Imbalance In Fatty Acid

Women can suffer from mild to medium breast pain when there is a severe imbalance of fatty acid within their system. Such a condition diminishes and impairs the sensitivity of the breast tissues to the circulating hormones within the feminine body. Consequently, breast pain crops up as a side effect.

Medicine Side Effects

Breast pain can be one of the major side effects of certain hormonal medicines. These drugs are mostly the oral contraceptives consumed by women or the ones that are prescribed for curing infertility. They alter the proportion of estrogen and progesterone in the body and lead to breast pain. Certain hormonal therapy administered to women often lead to breast pain as possible after effect. Commonly used drugs meant for treating depression have also been found to cause breast pain in women.