5 Complications That Compel Bed Rest During Pregnancy

Complications That Compel Bed Rest During Pregnancy

Are you expecting your baby and wondering why you have been advised by doctor to have bed rest during the pregnancy phase? If you nodded long in agreement, you need to learn various reasons why expecting mothers are recommended by doctor to have ample of bed rest. About 70% pregnant women are often advised to have bedrest due to certain health conditions and to ensure healthy progress of the pregnancy. So, if you wish to learn various reason of having bed rest during pregnancy, it can help you have appropriate bed rest and enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Scroll down to learn all about it.

Find Below Five Prominent Complications That Explain Why Doctors Recommend Bed Rest In Pregnancy:

1. Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia is a condition that pregnant women suffer and which may put their fetus and pregnancy at risk. If you suffer from preeclampsia, you would be experiencing high blood pressure during your delicate phase of expecting. According to medical studies, about 10% pregnancy women suffer from pre-eclampsia. Such high blood pressure may trigger delivery and affect your health as well as your baby adversely. You may be at risk of premature delivery. So, you need to have bed rest during pregnancy to keep your blood pressure in check and ensure safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery.


2. Spotting Or Bleeding

If you suffer from spotting or bleeding while you are expecting, then it may put your pregnancy at risk. So, in such circumstances, it becomes necessary to curb the spotting. This is why doctor may suggest you bed rest while you are pregnancy till the spotting stops. At times, you may need to have bed rest throughout your pregnancy to keep the risk of spotting at bay.

Spotting Or Bleeding

3. Incompetent Cervix

Another prominent reason to have bed rest during pregnancy is the incompetent cervix of the expectant mother. If you have an incompetent cervix, then there is always a risk of threatened late miscarries. Once your fetus begins to grow in your womb, your cervix fails to bear its weight and may put your healthy pregnancy at risk. In such circumstances, the doctor may operate to close the cervix by putting a few stitches and recommend you to have complete bed rest till the last week of your pregnancy in order to ensure healthy growth and development of fetus and eliminate the risk of miscarriage.

Incompetent Cervix

4. Placenta Accrete

Placenta Accreta is an abnormal condition when the placenta tends to attach quite deep in your uterine wall but does not cut your uterine muscle. Due to this abnormal attachment of placenta, you are at a risk of heavy bleeding during your pregnancy. As a result, your fetus and your pregnancy is at risk. So, in such circumstances, your doctor may recommend you to have complete bed rest to prevent the risk of premature delivery or miscarriage.

Placental Accrete

5. Multiple Pregnancy

If you have multiple fetus, such as if you are expecting twins, triplets, quadruplets, then the doctor may suggest you to have complete bed rest till delivery for appropriate growth and development of your unborn babies and prevent the risk of premature delivery and other health problems. In such situations, you may need to perform restricted activities and have plenty of bed rest and multiple pregnancies can be challenging. If you get admitted in hospital, then you may be positioned at an angle such that your feet are positioned high up and head downward with appropriate support in order to help your babies grow in your womb for a longer span of time and avoid premature delivery.

Multiple Pregnancy

If you suffer from any of these five complications, then make sure you have bed rest during pregnancy.