5 Different Causes Of A Missed Period

5 Different Causes Of A Missed Period

Awareness about cervical cancer has gone a long way in reducing the instances of death due to late diagnosis. Many women are now more proactive and get themselves vaccinated or undergo regular pelvic examination or undertake Pap tests to rule out abnormal changes in the cervix. As millions of women die due to cervical cancer, women are ever so apprehensive when they are faced with abnormal responses in their body.

1. Missing Periods

Missing your period is one reason women worry over. Many might fear the worst and wonder if it could be a sign of cervical cancer. If the periods are missing for several months together, there could be various reasons associated with it. A missing period may not in any way be connected with an instance of cervical cancer. The fact that cervical cancer does not have many early symptoms associated with it makes it difficult to judge what is normal and what is not.

Typically, advanced stages of cervical cancer will have heavy periods rather than missed periods as the new blood vessels produced by the cancerous cells burst and bleed causing bleeding during periods, in between or at any other time including after intercourse. Bleeding can also be seen after menopause due to the bursting of blood vessels.

2. Vaginal Cancer

A missed period can sometimes be due to abnormal growths inside the vaginal canal, causing blockage or free passage of blood through the vagina. It could be due to a vaginal tumour which is not a common form of tumour and hence a distant possibility.


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3. Pregnancy

The greatest signal of a missed period is however pregnancy. This will be followed by other symptoms like tender breasts, nausea and tiredness. If you can rule out pregnancy through a pregnancy test or are unlikely to be pregnant due to your single status, you should consult a doctor for a pelvic examination and also other tests that the doctor recommends if she suspects anything.

4. Hormone Imbalance

Many women who have hormone imbalances in their body like a thyroid disorder might experience missed periods or absence of periods or periods that are irregular due to the hormone fluctuations in the body. To confirm this, you can undergo a thyroid function test and also a blood test for checking TSH, T3, T4 etc. If positive, hormone tablets will be administered to set the hormone imbalance right and the periods will be back to normal again.

5. Infections And Stress

Stress is one major factor that causes imbalances in the body and you might miss your periods when you are under frequent stress. Certain infections of the reproductive organs like bacterial infections in the vagina too may be a causative factor for missed periods. All these can be set right through the intake of antibiotics.

Whatever reason has caused a missed period in you, make sure that you check it and rule out any complication rather than worry and cause more stress in your body which will lead to more missed periods and diseases.