5 Different Types And Factors That Risk Diabetic Neuropathy In Women

Diabetic Neuropathy In Women

It is almost known by everybody that diabetes is a very serious disease. Uncontrolled diabetes in long run can be fatal to a human being. Diabetes in a man or woman damages nerves, its different components with other organs also. In diabetic neuropathy a man or woman who has uncontrolled blood sugar for long can have damage in the nerves of his or her feet or legs mainly. In this kind of diabetes damage in the nerves of other vital organs also can take place. Doctors say that a victim of this ailment sometimes does not have any signs or symptoms or very mild signs. Sometimes some people also can have major signs. This disease can make a human being disable for whole life that leads to death. Therefore remaining cautious and controlling the disease only can help to come out of this problem.

Different Types Of Diabetic Neuropathy:

There are 4 different types of diabetic neuropthy that can take place in a woman. The most common form is peripheral neuropathy. In this ailment feet and legs of a woman are attacked and damaged in first place. Then the damage starts to take place in hands or arms. The second type is autonomic neuropathy. In this type damage to the nerves in some other vital organs of the body takes place. These organs include heart, lungs, eyes, sex organs, abdominal organs, bladder. The third type radiculoplexus neuropathy tends to show up in people with type 2 diabetes and in aged people. This ailment involves body parts like buttock, thighs and hip. It is sometimes called as proximal neuropathy also. The fourth type is mononeurophy. This can occur suddenly doctors say and can involve any specific nerve of face, any part of body or even in leg too.

Diabetic Neuropathy


Here Are 4 Major Factors That Risk Diabetic Neropathy In A Woman:

1. Not Remaining Conscious About Blood Sugar Level

This is the major risk factor of diabetic neuropathy according to the doctors. Not remaining conscious about blood sugar level makes your blood sugar level rise that can ultimately bring this ailment in you by damaging your nerves. So always remain conscious and check out for sugar level in your blood from time to time. If blood sugar is detected then kindly ask for the help of doctor to control it.

Not Remaining Conscious About Blood Sugar Level

2. Obesity

Obesity is one of the major factors that can put you at a risk of getting this dreaded ailment. if you remain inactive in your life then body weight increases. As a result you can get obese. An obese woman can develop diabetes ultimately. If this diabetes remains unchecked for too long it starts to damage your nerves severely.



3. Kidney Dysfunction

Kidney dysfunction is another major factor that risks diabetic neuropathy in you. Haeath experts say that kidney works as a kind of filter in human body that drives away toxins. Failure or this organs makes toxin level to increase in body. This ultimately can damages nerves of your body too. Uncontrolled and increased level of your blood sugar can harm your kidney doctors state.

Kidney Dysfunction

4. Habit Of Smoking

A woman who has habit of smoking on a regular basis is running at a risk of getting this problem too. Doctors say that regular and severe smoking makes blood vessels to loose its flexibility. For this reason blood flow is hampered. It creates problem in peripheral nerves. If there is already an infection or wound in the nerves of the body and the woman has diabetes then smoking makes it more difficult for the wound to heal up. As a result complication starts to build up. If you have diabetes quit smoking.

Habit Of Smoking