5 Easy Ways to Keep Track of Weight Loss

Ways to Keep Track of Weight Loss

Ways to Keep Track of Weight Loss Like everything else in life, you need to plan meticulously to lose those excess pounds and attain a healthy body weight. Weighing yourself multiple times a day or tracking the calorie content of each and every morsel of food that goes into your mouth, is not a practical weight loss solution.

However, to keep yourself motivated in your quest to lose weight, you need to devise some simple techniques to periodically monitor your weight loss. There are numerous user friendly statistical measures and applications, which can help overweight individuals to actively monitor their weight loss.

From user friendly weight loss tracking sites on the net, to downloadable weight loss tracking apps on the ipad, there are numerous tools to help you stick to your weight loss dream. Besides helping you to keep track of weight loss, modern statistical applications like the ones mentioned above, can also give you an in-depth insight into your overall health, nutrition status and even fitness levels.

Easy Ways to Keep Track of Weight Loss

Keep a Weight Loss Journal

If you are not tech savvy or find using modern weight loss statistical tools too complicated, then keep a simple weight loss diary or journal. A weight loss diary or journal is the easiest way to keep track of your weight loss, which can motivate you in your quest to shed excess body weight.

Keep a Weight Loss Journal

You can start your weight loss journal by noting down your pre – weight loss body weight. Once you commence your weight loss program, check your body weight once a week and note down the reading in your journal or diary. You should check your body weight (and make notations in your journal) only once a week. Checking your weight numerous times a day or week will only prove to be counterproductive.

Track Your Body Fat Percentage

In addition to monitoring your overall weight loss, you also need to diligently monitor your body fat percentage. Keeping track of body fat percentage gives you a clear insight into the amount of weight you have actually lost. Unlike common perception, keeping track of body fat percentage is an easy process. Two important tools which can help to keep track of body fat percentage are the common inch tape and Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator.

Keep a Food Diary

Besides the weight loss diary, individuals planning to lose weight should maintain a separate food diary. A food diary should include a detailed meal plan for each day. Write down all the food you are planning to eat during the course of the day.

Keep a Food Diary

You can also calculate and note down the overall calorie content of each dish (by calculating the calorie content of individual ingredients). Most importantly stick to the diet regime that you have recorded in your food journal.

Maintain Before and After Pictures

This is a simple and wonderful way to track weight loss while keeping yourself motivated. Take a picture of yourself just before you embark on your weight loss program. Snap a picture of yourself once a month, and compare the picture with the first photograph. You should wear very little clothes and snap yourself from different angles to keep a proper pictorial track of your weight loss.

Gauge Confidence Levels

This is an emotional way to track weight loss. As you start to lose excess weight, you will become more confident. Rising confidence levels and positive body image are two powerful emotional tracking tools of weight loss. To enhance confidence levels, set achievable weight loss deadlines that can help you to lose excess weight in a sensible manner without causing permanent damage to the body.