5 Effective Herbs That Act As Natural Birth Control

5 Effective Herbs That Act As Natural Birth Control

Birth control is a crucial step of family planning that a couple needs to talk about and work out with help of healthy and effective means. It involves various activities, such as the use of contraceptive devices, pills, condoms, and medications by consulting an experienced physician. Besides these, there are certain effective herbs that can help you prevent from getting pregnant and regulate unwanted pregnancy issues.

Find Below Some Prominent Herbs That Acts As A Natural Birth Control Measure:


Pennyroyal is one of the best herbs that act as natural birth control solution since ancient times. It was used by Greeks and Romans in past times. As a matter of fact, pennyroyal is a plant which is known to belong to genus mint. It triggers menstrual flow in women by acting as an emmenagogue. Fresh and dry leaves of this herb help you effectively to prevent or regulate pregnancy as well as induce menstruation and abortion in the longer run. You need to have tea prepared using pennyroyal.

pennyroyal herb

Blue Cohosh

Blue Cohosh is an excellent and highly effective natural birth controlling herb. Its root helps in regulating pregnancy. Blue Cohosh comprises two substances that act as natural uterine contractors. One of the substances resembles oxytocin hormone and other is saponin component popular as caulosaponin. You need to drink herbal tea prepared using this herb three times every day to prevent the chance of pregnancy. However, have a word with your doctor to exercise appropriate precaution while using this herb as excess of it can cause side effects.

blue cohos


Ginger is a common household herb which also acts as a natural birth control solution to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Its emmenagogue effects induce menstruation and prevent or delay pregnancy. You need to drink some strong ginger tea on a daily bases to ensure normal menstruation flow and prevent the chance of pregnancy.



Asafetida is native to Iran. This perennial herb is a part of several cuisines. However, asafetida also acts as a natural birth control solution and prevents the chance of pregnancy effectively. You simply need to drink juice of this herb once in a month to regulate your pregnancy.

asafetida herb


Stone Seed

Stone seed is highly popular for its natural birth regulating properties. It is a highly effective herb that helps women control pregnancies successfully. You can have appropriate quantity of this herb to regulate your pregnancy effectively.

stone seed