5 Effective Natural Cures For Anosmia


Loss of smell or Anosmia, is commonly found in the people, who does not care their nose passage and let large quantity of mucus get stored in the nasal passages which blocks the nose and cause severe nasal congestion. Anosmia also occurs in adults when sinus has been infected severely and temporarily blocks the smell sense of the nose. This disease usually disturbs the people who have dust allergies that cause minor cold and lose the smell sense often.

Though there are lots of causes for Anosmia, it is difficult to know whether it is a temporary or permanent. This should be compiled by the doctors or surgeon. Anosmia might also become the symptoms of tumors, trauma or any kind of disorders. In case of severe problems, do consult doctors. But, you can always take safety measures to cure anosmia naturally if it has occurred temporarily by causing temporary nasal congestion.

Natural Cures For Anosmia

Power Of Sweet Potatoes

As sweet potatoes have huge amount of Vitamin A, eat them in large numbers, as eating sweet potatoes will definitely help you to trigger anosmia naturally. It is difficult to eat raw potatoes, hence, you can boil them in cooker, with medium water level.

Sweet Potatoes

Till sweet potatoes boil properly, you can prepare jaggery syrup – take a pan, put more jaggery if you want more sweetness, if you do not like much sweet, put little jaggery; you can adjust as per your requirement.

Comfort Gel Blue Nasal Masks

Wearing nasal mask is a good treatment for anosmia, that will make you to get away from dust and nose allergy. If you move outside doors, smoke or dust particles obviously enters your nose and you will be likely to get infected to your nasal, that makes you to sneeze often, gets you cold and worsens the condition of anosmia.

Comfort Gel Blue Nasal Masks

Hence, practice to wear Comfort Gel Blue Nasal Masks, which will help to get away from dust particles and keeps you safe from anosmia.

Drink Ginger Syrup

Drinking ginger syrup, would really help in curing anosmia, as ginger has ability to cure cold and cough, due to its anti-inflammation property to fight against germs or infection caused by these germs. You can thus, drink ginger syrup without any fear, as there are no side effects in consuming ginger, instead there are lots of health benefits to throw away anosmia far from you.

Ginger Syrup

Preparing ginger syrup is very easy- put chopped ginger, cardamom, and sugar in water, boil the water and drink this sugar syrup to kick anosmia.

Entsol Saline Nose Washes

Entsol Saline Nose Washes

It is better to wash your nose with Entsol saline nose washes, and clean the mucus or dust particles that stick to the nose hairs, to breathe properly with fresh air, clear your nasal congestion, give good relief to your nose, by removing nasal congestion and thereby reduce the risk of  anosmia.

Bournvita Helps

As there are lots of vitamins, minerals or zinc oxides in Bournvita, you can consume this health drink that is best in curing anosmia by providing all the essential anti-oxidants and help you get rid of Anosmia.


But, people who have sputum, should avoid this drink, as coco powder or chocolate contents creates risk.