5 Effective Tips For Post Menopausal Weight Gain

5 Effective Tips For Post Menopausal Weight Gain

5 Effective Tips For Post Menopausal Weight Gain

Menopause is a phase that every woman goes through and it is natural. There is an occurrence of drastic hormonal alteration and changes, which come with some major changes, especially, in one’s body. One of them is weight gain and the most frustrating of all changes. Losing weight post menopause is not difficult as it may sound, all you need is an effective way and procedure to go about it. It is vital of keep in mind that during this phase, maintaining health is important, no matter what.

Following Effective Tips For Post Menopausal Weight Gain:

Consult A Doctor

Hormones change when a woman is post menopause, thus it is important to get major nutrients in the body. During menopause, calcium loss is inevitable and if not checked then there might me the occurrence of osteoporosis. Remember that if there are still some hormone problems in the body or irregularities post menopause then it can sorted through some medication from the doctor. Also, the body changes post menopause require regular check up for thyroid and other related problems. So do make sure that you get regular check ups done for avoiding this weight gain.

Consulting Doctor

Balanced Diet

Losing Weight post Menopause is simple and can be done through some natural ways. First and foremost, try to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. You have to avoid the consumption of junks, especially, ones that are is loved by you. Take it slow though, don’t give up completely. Limit the consumption of these items initially or better have them when in the form of reward. But when you are rewarding yourself, with that chocolate cake, do it in small quantity. Junks can really add more in your trunks, so cut down on them, if you want to avoid or lose weight during menopause. Maintaining a healthy diet, with more consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits and no red meat and fatty food items will do a lot of good for women post menopause. Along with diet, you should also adopt daily exercising routine.

Take A Balanced Diet

Do Exercise

Post this phase makes many women heavy and tired, so they do no exercise or little of it. Losing weight while post menopause would be possible only if you do some exercise. Nothing major, some simple routine workouts would be effective. Do brisk walking or better if you join a gym. Health lifestyle with lot of exercises and activities can help you through menopause and also prevent many diseases and health conditions that are prevalent during and after this phase. You can also try lifting weights as it tones the muscles. Yoga is another effective way to stay in shape post menopause.

Doing Ab Exercises In Pain

Drink Kava Tea

Losing weight while post menopause might sound difficult but it is not. This is because there are natural ways to do so. There are natural elements that reduce all kinds of anxieties, which are relevant during this phase, for example, kava kava. This hails from the family of peppers.

Drink Kava Tea

Stay Active

Just because you have crossed menopause doesn’t mean that you will give up on being active and staying healthy. For women in their mid fifties, it is important to pick up activities that you like. It could be a sport or may be joining a club or community service. If you are not active then the chances of falling back and gaining weight are much higher. You should also try to adapt an active lifestyle by doing household work or involving yourself in something that requires physical labor.

Stay Active And Fit