5 Effects Of PMS On Your Skin

5 Effects of PMS On Your Skin

PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome) is a condition caused by a group of symptoms that are seen in women when the body realizes that it is not pregnant, and before the bleeding starts. These symptoms are mainly caused because of fluctuating hormones in the body, and can have a wide range of effects. However, unfortunately, this can also affect a women’s beauty and skin in many ways. Let’s take a look at 6 effects of the PMS phase on the skin.

Skin Becoming Oily

During PMS, the amount of testosterone in the female body tends to be higher than usual. This gives the skin more “male-like” characteristics, one of which is wider skin pores. Because of these open pores, there is greater secretion of oil on the skin surface and it appears oily.

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Skin Looking Dull

This oily skin tends to attract dust on the face far more, and also affects the face radiance. Hence, the facial skin can look quite dull during PMS.

dull skin


Oily skin as mentioned above not only attracts more dust on the surface, however it also clogs the skin pores. This dust may also settle in the pores along with bacteria, and thus cause a breakout of acne or pimples. This is why many women, just before their menstrual cycle, tend to experience a severe breakout of pimples on the face.

No Touching And Popping The Acne

Skin Itching

The duct, oil and skin bacteria together can cause skin irritation, and consequently itching.

skin itching

Worsening Of Pre-existing Skin Problems

A woman may have conditions of acne, pimples or psoriasis even before the PMS phase kicks in, and it is seen that these conditions actually worsen thanks to the hormonal fluctuation.

Inflammatory Acne

Increased Facial Hair

Testosterone, which as mentioned earlier, is a male hormone, and promotes the growth of facial hair. It is not uncommon for women to experience a spurt in growth of facial hair in this period, and consequently rush to the parlor for threading or bleaching of these areas.

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Thus, PMS can be a challenging time, not only because of all the hormonal imbalance which makes a woman emotional, but also because it tends to affect the facial skin, and hence the beauty of the individual. If you feel that these symptoms are unbearable or painful, please do visit your dermatologist, who suggest the use of topical hormonal creams or other therapies as appropriate.