5 Effects Of Type 2 Diabetes

Effects Of Type 2 Diabetes Diabetes is scientifically known as Diabetes mellitus.  In a human body the blood sugar or glucose levels are regulated by a hormone called insulin which is produced by pancreas. However, in a person suffering from diabetes either the insulin is not produced or is produced in insufficient amount. This creates spike in the blood sugar levels as it is not absorbed by the body properly.

It is categorised into type 1 and 2. Type 2 is a common category of diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, insulin is not produced at all whereas in type 2 it is produced in lower quantities. In some cases, the body may show insulin resistance resulting in type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a common lifestyle related disease.

People who have it in their families are more likely to get it at some point in their lives if they are not careful. Being obese or overweight is the first invitation to diabetes. Lack of physical activity, excessive and uncontrolled intake of junk food and people having an age over 40 years are at a higher risk of becoming diabetic.

Type 2 Diabetes Effects

There is no conclusive cure for diabetes. This condition needs to be managed by making changes in the lifestyle, diet and in some cases regular intake of medicines. Therefore, it has some long term effects on the body if not taken care of or if there is a delay in the correct diagnosis.

High Risk Pregnancy

Women suffering from diabetes are at a very high risk of having a still birth or miscarriage. In cases of very high sugar levels the pregnancy might even be terminated as it can turn fatal for the mother. Some women who otherwise do not suffer from diabetes, may suffer from it during pregnancy.

basal body temperature and Pregnancy

This kind of diabetes is called gestational diabetes and usually subsides once the child is delivered. Until then the lady is put on a special diabetic diet. Administration of insulin is not done unless absolutely necessary.

Sexual Dysfunction

Men suffering from diabetes develop erectile dysfunction much earlier than the ones not having diabetes. The main reason behind erectile dysfunction amongst diabetic men is nerve and blood vessels damage which reduces or interrupts the active blood circulation in the pelvic area thereby leading to weak erection. Controlling blood sugar levels and consulting your doctor can help you out of this problem.

Eye Problems

Eye problems like foggy vision, cataract, Glaucoma and retinopathy are common amongst people suffering from Type2 diabetes. The elevated sugar levels damage the lens of the eye causing blurring of vision.

Home Remedies For Eye Infection

In some cases the patient may have to undergo lens replacement. Glaucoma is a condition in which the nerves and eye vessels are damaged, thereby affecting the vision.

Endothelial Dysfunction

Many diabetics experience that the healing of wounds and scars in their bodies take far too much time than before; this slowdown in healing is known as Endothelial dysfunction. This problem is especially common in the feet since the poor circulation and nerve damage causes a numbing sensation and the formation of dead cells and blisters go unnoticed as there is hardly any pain. The immune system’s response is also sluggish with high blood sugar and so the replacement of dead cells is extremely slow.

Kidney Dysfunction

High blood sugar levels exert a lot of pressure on the kidneys’ filtering function. There is an increase in the frequency of urination and very high chances of having kidney diseases. If not checked and managed, this condition can lead to kidney failure as well. The common symptom of diabetes is high concentration of protein in the urine. High protein content is the result of reduced capacity of kidney in cleaning the blood effectively.

Kidney Dysfunction

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Diabetes can be managed effectively by monitoring the blood sugar levels regularly and following strict diet. These simple changes in lifestyle can help you achieve normalcy while suffering from this condition.