5 Extremely Easy Weight Loss Methods

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Want to lose weight desperately but find it difficult to hit the treadmill or stop gorging on your favorite snacks? Well then, here are some extremely easy and fun ways to lose weight that would help you lose those extra kilos without even knowing it.

These methods would definitely help you get rid of that extra flab without feeling the pressures of either dieting or exercising. So read the list and take your pick.

Differnt Easy Weight Loss Methods


Call a couple of friends, hunt out one of the best bowling destinations in your area and hit the alleys with a vengeance. Touted to help burn almost 300 calories per hour, bowling is one of those activities that target the entire body.

From more toned arms to a trimmer waistline, the beneficial effects of bowling are manifold. Many even feel that bowling is akin to a dumbbell workout that would effectively target your abdomen, torso, hips, shoulders and back.

Just make sure that you bowl properly though. If not you may end up with a sprained back. Make sure that you start off slowly, gather speed with each step and then slide up to the ramp on the last step before releasing the ball. This would help you to both get rid of fat from your body and get a strike.



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Of course you have heard about the benefits of cycling in many other exercise oriented articles. The reason the activity features in this list is because it is an extremely easy way to lose weight without even feeling the strain of doing so.

If you are wary about getting onto that stationary cycle at home, go for a ride outside. Frequent cycling trips can make you stronger and more energetic in addition to doing wonders for your glutes, hamstrings and calves. With the ability to burn up to 750 calories per hour, cycling can also increase your life span (according to a recent research).

Just make sure that when you get on that bicycle, you keep some distance between the handle and the seat. Larger the distance, stronger is the chance of you getting affected by ankle or knee injuries with time.

Play a Game of Badminton

Wonder how those badminton players always appear to be so slim and trim? Well the reason for this can be attributed to the game itself which can astonishingly burn up to 800 calories per hour. Providing you a grueling workout regime that targets your entire body (especially the hips and ankles), playing badminton would also effectively improve your body coordination. So hit the net whenever you get the chance to do so and work off those extra pounds while enjoying the game.

Play Frisbee

Those fun filled games you played at the beach when you were a kid could very well become your secret to losing all that extra fat in your body. And playing Frisbee is just one of those games that can help you lose weight, stay healthy, become more active and enjoy the entire experience. Make sure that you stand upright instead of bending forward, and make sure that you keep one foot stationary while using the other foot for turns.

You may not realize it but an exciting game of Frisbee can actually help you burn up to 700 calories per hour. This fun filled activity would target your shoulders, back, knees, hams, calves, glutes, quads and adductors in addition to revving up your body metabolism and boosting the health of your heart. So don’t forget to take along that Frisbee when you head out the beach next time.

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Play Basketball

You don’t need to be a professional basketball player to enjoy this exercise. All you need is a basketball hoop in your garden and the determination to make at least a few dunks.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart while practicing the dunks. This would help you tone the muscles in the lower half of your body, including your calves, glutes and hams. Dribbling and balancing acitivities would also help you improve your body coordination and focus. All this for one hour and you end up losing almost 800 calories. So go for it.

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