5 Factors Responsible For Rectovaginal Fistula In Women

Factors Responsible For Rectovaginal Fistula In Women

Fistula is a health condition that is caused when an abnormal connection between two hollow organs or body parts is formed. These organs normally involve  blood streams, intestine etc. Rectovaginal fistula is such a problem that sometimes bothers women sverely. In this health condition abnormal passage between lower intestine or rectum and vagina is formed. This rectovaginal fistula makes contents of rectum sometimes come out of the vagina.  Usually doctors or health experts say that bothering signs of this health condition depends on the size of the fistula. Sometimes it goes on its own. But bothering signs can include rectum contents like feces, flatulence coming out of vagina. Pus also can come out. There may be ache or irritation in the area around vagina too. Bad odor and vaginal discharge also can take place in this ailment. In a word when a woman is facing such irritating condition consulting a physician is the best idea to combat this.

Here Are 5 Factors Responsible For Rectovaginal Fistula In Women:

1. Troublesome Childbirth

Trouble during childbirth is one of the main factors behind rectovaginal fistula heath experts or doctors say. Sometimes women have trouble in delivering a baby normally and the body mechanism faces obstruction in delivering child. As a result injury can occur that can cause such fistula to develop which itself creates problem in later life. Doctors say that such injury makes muscles like sphincter in anal region to tear and release content like stool through the unlikely place such as vagina. Besides surgery like episiotomy sometimes which is done just before child birth to make baby’s head come out normally can cause rectovaginal fistula if the injury is infected later on.

Troublesome Childbirth

2. Surgery In Lower Pelvic Region

Doctors also state some kind of surgery if performed in lower pelvic region can cause rectovaginal fistula in future. This can happen if the woman had suffered any injury during the surgery. Not only injury during surgery but infection post surgery also can cause such fistula problem. But such thing rarely happens doctors say. The surgery that removes uterus can cause rectovaginal fistula.

Surgery In Lower Pelvic Region

3. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

If a woman has problem of inflammatory bowel disease it can increase the risk of getting rectovaginal fistula experts say. IBD like Crohn’s disease is the main culprit for this health condition. Other IBDs are diverticulitis and ulcerative colitis. In Crohn’s disease the intestine or digestive tract gets damaged that in turn can develop fistula. At the same time doctors also say that occurrence of rectovaginal fistula in women with Crohn’s disease is not very common.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

4. Medical Procedure For Cancer In Pelvic Region

Medical procedure like radiation therapy that usually is done to combat cancer in pelvic region sometimes can be responsible for rectovaginal fistula too. Doctors say that this kind of fistula can develop from within six months to two yers after a woman has undergone through such medical procedure. At the same time doctors also say that malignant tumor in pelvic organs or body parts also can give birth to such fistula in a woman.

Medical Procedure For Cancer In Pelvic Region

5. Constipation And Some Other Kind Of Injury

Health experts also sate that a woman who has constipation can be victim of rectovaginal fistula in long run too. A woman with chronic constipation who does not take or utilize any help to soften stool can face daily problem in passing stool normally. Regular pressure to pass hard stool can give birth to such fistula. This is called by the name of fecal impaction medically. Besides any kind of injury to vagina resulted by other than child birth can cause rectovaginal fistula experts say.

Constipation And Some Other Kind Of Injury