5 Guidelines For Facing Period For The first time

Having periods is a common thing among all females which happens by getting a discharge of some amount of blood and unwanted tissues releasing from the vagina when the egg released in the uterus does not get fertilized. It is a monthly process and also called menstruation. A girl facing this for the first time may feel perplexed about its happenings and more embarrassed about talking it out with parents. But, instead of getting completely ignorant about the ways of controlling this situation, it is better you go through these guidelines so that you are able to handle your first menstruation with skill and enough smartness.

1. Ways Of Using A Pad

Pull the panties down till the knees so that the blood does not stain your clothes or trickles down the legs.

Ways Of Using A Pad

Now, when you unwrap the pad, donot throw away the wrapper as it is used for wrapping the previously used pad for disposing.

Stick the adhesive part of the pad on the middle part of your panty. Stick the pad exactly on the middle of the panty as it should not be placed too back or too forward of the panty. Infact, the wider part of the pad should be placed at the back of the panty where the buttocks are placed.

Wear a tight panty to pull it up completely so that it does not stay lose. Change pads every 3 to 4 hours or even before when the pad is wet completely to avoid staining.

Wrapping The Previously Used Pad

2. Dispose Off Pads Properly

Remember not to dispose pads in toilet bowls but only in dustbins kept in toilets. See that the dustbin has a closed lid so that the stench does not spread anywhere in the house. Always wrap pads in a newspaper to avoid it opening. Keep disposed pads away from pets and children.

Dispose Off Pads Properly

3. Facts To Know About The First Period

When you have period, you will feel wetness in your panty. Go to the toilet immediately and if you see blood stains reach out to a friend who will have a pad and will help you properly. Donot panic to see a gush of blood as this discharge indicates that you are healthy and is preparing the body for future for child birth.

You may usually not know when the first period will come. But, be prepared to notice some body changes that happen suddenly. These are stomach or back ache, pain in the lower abdomen or even sore breasts, headaches, pain in the whole body and pimples and acnes on the face. These are some of the symptoms that I know. There may be many like these and may come every month just before the onset of your period.

You may get the first period anytime between 9 to 12 years of age. However, it is believed that girls who had a premature birth, may get their period even later. So, it is best to talk to your mother and get complete knowledge about this entire process of menstruation. Sometimes, some 6 months before your menstruation starts, you may get a white discharge in your panty. So, donot panic and get ready for this phase every month.

Also, remember the date when your period comes every month. That will help you to get an idea of when the next period will be happening in every month.

Facts To Know About The First Period

4. Ways To Prevent Staining

Once you feel that you will have your period soon, carry a pad wherever you go. Keep atleast 3 to 4 pads in your backpacks if you have to spend long hours away from home. See that you always have a packet of sanitary napkins ready in your house. Always go for the ones that have an adhesive in them. Donot go for belted pads as they are very difficult for managing when you have your first period.

Carry pads even while going for shopping. If you have stained your clothes, cover the part by tying a hoodie around the waist. You can also carry an extra panty and a plastic bag to school. If you stain the panty that you were wearing, wash it under cold water and put it in the plastic bag to carry it home.

Ways To Prevent Staining

5. Ways To Handle Period Cramps

Exercise regularly to get your period on time. It is very important to undergo menstruation every month. So, if you have cramps in your lower abdomen while menstruating, know that it is normal but donot go immediately for the help of medicines. Learn to bear a little of the pain. But if it gets excruciating, visit a doctor alongwith your mother , or elder sister to know about the medicines you can take. Remember, not to take any medicine without the consent of the doctor.

Try the child’s pose of the yoga asanas for getting relief from cramps. You can also have chamomile tea or lie down with a bag of hot water kept on the lower abdomen. These are also good remedies for getting relief from menstrual cramps.

So, follow these tips for getting over the first period phase with ease. For complete guidance and support talk to your mother for handling the period days in a better way. She is the best source of help for you in those days and even for other phases of your life.

Ways To Handle Period Cramps